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‘You can tell who’s worked in restaurants based off the way they leave the table’: Hostesses share right way to leave a table after going out to eat

'I don’t see how people don’t tidy up the table after they’re done.'


Grace Fowler


Posted on Jul 7, 2023

A TikTok user went viral after sharing a video of herself and two other hostesses cleaning up their table after going out to eat, demonstrating the so-called right way to leave your table to help out servers. 

Annaliese (@annaliese.chiminski) reached over 1.3 million views on her TikTok video by Friday afternoon and has responded to viewers in the comment section that have had similar experiences. 

In the caption of the video, Annaliese told viewers that their server thanked them for leaving a neat table at the end of their meal. 


our server thanked us

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One commenter said when she goes out with her co-workers they do this to try and “let their server know we’re one of them.” Annaliese responded, saying, “I was fighting the urge to tell him we were hostesses.”

Another server in the comment section of the video said, “You can tell who’s worked in restaurants based off the way they leave a table,” to which Annaliese responded, “100%.” 

A comment with over 17,000 likes read, “It just feels so wrong leaving it dirty after cleaning tables.” 

Other TikTok creators have posted similar videos in hopes more people going to restaurants will start helping out their servers. User Liv (@alivia.hammer) posted her own tutorial video.

So what is the best way to leave the table? 

The most efficient way to leave your table is to stack all the dishes on top of eachother, take all utensils off the dishes and set them neatly to the side, as well as placing all dishes to the edge of the table, making it more accessible to your server. 

A server commented “I feel like only restaurant workers do this.” She responded, “I’ve just grown up to always know how to do it! Idk, it’s simple cleaning up after yourself you know?” 

A commenter reacted by saying “Some people don’t do this??” 

Annaliese and Liv did not respond to a request for comment from the Daily Dot via TikTok comment. 

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*First Published: Jul 7, 2023, 8:06 pm CDT