Fast food worker discovers rice water is amazing for her skin in PSA

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‘what? and I just throw the rice water in the sink’: Fast food worker discovers rice water is amazing for her skin in PSA


Melody Heald


Posted on Sep 4, 2023

A former sushi restaurant worker explains how she discovered rice water is amazing for her skin in this viral PSA.

The video features TikTok user Jazmyn (@jazmynjenningss), who reveals this discovery to her 97,000 followers. As she sat in her car, Jazmyn revealed she once worked washing rice in a sushi restaurant. Each shift, she would wash at least nine large containers of rice with her bare hands.

After a month of work, Jazmyn’s sister touched her hand in passing, and recoiled. Why? “Your skin is so soft. How is your skin so soft?’” the sister asked.

Then, it clicked for Jazmyn. “Oh, my god. It’s from the rice. From washing the rice every day,” she explained. As a result, “my skin became really soft and supple and also changed the skin color a little bit where it became more bright,” she said. Ever since making this discovery, Jazmyn implemented rice water to her morning routine and said she has noticed a difference. She concluded the video by recommending other TikTok users add rice water to their skin care routines.

She captioned the video, “The only thing that made it worth working there.”

@jazmynjenningss The only thing that made it worth working there 🤦🏻‍♀️ #koreanstorytime #australia #glowyskin #glassskin #rice #ricewater ♬ original sound – Jazmyn

The Daily Dot reached out to Jazmyn via Instagram DM and TikTok comment for more information. The video racked up 4.3 million views as of Sept. 3. Many viewers appreciated Jazmyn’s suggestion.

“what? and I just throw the rice water in the sink! I’ll make a rice water toner!! thanks for this brilliant idea,” one viewer wrote.

“Thank you for your good recommendation,” a second agreed.

In addition, other users revealed how well rice water works on for other purposes.

“rice water is also good for plants. u will see them growing really well,” one commenter shared.

“Rice water is amazing for hair, idk how I never thought of using it on my skin!!” another user wrote.

Does rice water improve skin? According to Healthline, “A 2013 study Trusted Source showed that rice wine (fermented rice water) can help improve skin damage from the sun. Rice wine increases the collagen in the skin, which keeps your skin supple and helps prevent wrinkling. Rice wine also appears to have natural sunscreen properties. Other studies show strong evidence for the anti-aging benefits of fermented rice water because of its antioxidant properties.”

So, where did this routine originate? “Fermented rice water is one of Japan’s most beloved ingredients. Its use as a beauty ingredient in Japan dates back as early as the Heian period, around 794 CE and 1185 CE. But what is it? It’s just like it sounds! Fermented rice water is the starchy liquid made by fermenting the rice (Oryza sativa) water left over from cooking or washing rice,” per Bare Japan.

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*First Published: Sep 4, 2023, 12:12 am CDT