McDonald's worker with caption 'When the customers give me a reward code after I cash them out' (l) McDonald's drive thru worker holding bag of food (c) McDonald's worker with caption 'When the customers give me a reward code after I cash them out' (r)

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‘You’re supposed to have that at the mic’: McDonald’s worker complains about customers who give him reward code after he cashes them out

'I just say too late use it next time.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jul 14, 2023

A number of McDonald’s customers have expressed that they pine for the days of the $1 value menu, which featured items like the double cheeseburger and McChicken priced at just a buck.

While the costs of the chain’s offerings have increased across the board since the “good old days” of dollar items, there are McDonald’s stans who would say that customers can still enjoy lower prices courtesy of the restaurant’s mobile application.

However, earning rewards points on in-store or drive-thru orders usually requires McDonald’s customers to “check in” through the application before ordering if they’re paying in person rather than through the application. A unique 4-digit pass code is generated for each visit, and customers must provide it as they place their orders, not after the fact.

One McDonald’s worker, a TikToker named Isiah (@lylflare), posted a video expressing his frustration with guests who give him a rewards code after they’ve checked out. The video accrued over 68,000 views, and the comments indicate that Isiah’s complaint is a common gripe among McDonald’s workers.

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In the clip, Isiah turns away from a drive-thru window and covers his face with his hands out of frustration. He writes in a text overlay, “When the customers give me a reward code after I cash them out.”

Commenters echoed Isiah’s frustration.

One, who seems to also be a food service employee, wrote: “I’m like no please pull forward your supposed to have that at the mic.”

“They say ts when I’m already counting the change to give back,” a second said.

“I just say too late use it next time and the manager will say the exact same thing,” another shared.

One commenter asked if the onus of reminding customers to provide their rewards code should be on the McDonald’s worker processing their order: “But aren’t ya supposed to ask if we using the app today? Sooooooo , cus my McDonald’s always asks me.”

Isiah responded, “Yeah, that’s why I said after I cashed them out.”

According to a McDonald’s FAQ page, customers can earn rewards points on an order they forgot to provide a code for within seven days of placing the order, as long as the location they ordered from participates in McDonald’s rewards. To do so, customers must contact McDonald’s corporate via the application and provide the restaurant number, date and time of their visit, order number, and order total.

The Daily Dot contacted McDonald’s via email and Isiah via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Jul 14, 2023, 9:14 pm CDT