Worker shares job he got with no prior experience and its hidden perks in PSA

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‘For the past 6 years, I haven’t paid any rent’: Worker shares job he got with no prior experience and its hidden perks in PSA

'Thought you were about to say you lived with your parents.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Dec 11, 2023

One man shared his secret to not having to pay rent for six years—and, no, it’s not by living with his parents.

According to CBS News, there has been a rise in hardship within the past year. According to financial consultant Ramsey Solutions, “64% of renters are having difficulty keeping up with their monthly rent.”

So it’s no surprise that people struggling are curious to know how others are getting by, which is why a TikTokor’s video that begs the question “How are you affording life right now?” has gone viral. Responding to this question, Aaron Alford (@aaronalfordacts) says in a stitch that he’s going to give viewers a “huge life hack.”

“For the past six years, I haven’t paid any rent or an electricity bill or a water bill,” he says. “Three of those years were spent about 40 minutes outside of L.A. in one of the most expensive places to live in America.”

He then shares how he does it, and it’s not by couch-surfing, living with a loved one, or living in a storage unit. “I am a resident manager at a storage facility,” he shares. 

“Many storage facilities like to have someone who’s on the property at all times, so they give you a place to live,” he adds.

Alford says he now lives in a three-bedroom apartment based in Houston, Texas, he pays $0 for.

Now that Alford piqued viewers’ interest, he shares just how attainable living rent-free in this manner can be.

“All you need to know is how to rent an empty room to people, and then take money for rent on the first,” he explains. “It’s stupid easy.

Alford, himself, has a theater degree.

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The Daily Dot reached out to Alford via TikTok comment and direct message. His video racked up over 486,000 views. People shared their surprise at learning Alford was able to live rent-free through his job.

“I thought he was gonna say he lives in the storage unit,” one viewer joked.

“I thought you were about to say you lived with your parents,” @noidontwannahang said.

“I thought he was gonna say he was in prison … free rent,” @lula_bean added, to which Alford responded: “If I lose this job… that’s the plan.”

Others revealed their secrets to living rent-free or close to rent-free.

“I’m a property manager for a gated townhome community and don’t pay rent or utilities as well,” one user shared.

“My hack is that I’m a leasing agent at the property I live at. Steep rent discount, no pet fees, no utilities!” a second commented.

In the comments section, Alford revealed his work schedule. “I work 4 days a week from [9-6] the other days I’m not required to be there or answer the phone,” he shared.

According to Indeed, many of the on-site storage facility jobs in California require relevant work. However, in Texas, no work experience is required. The only qualifications necessary are the ability to lift more than 50 pounds and having a valid driver’s license.

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*First Published: Dec 11, 2023, 4:23 pm CST