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‘Mechanics are con artists’: Woman was quoted $650 to replace her car’s sideview mirror—she did it herself for $60

‘Don’t let autoshops pull one over on you, srsly guys.’


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Customers are often shocked by how much they’re quoted for a minor repair at an auto shop. These prices almost always reflect the considerable markup of labor costs. Parts, even if new, are typically cheap and affordable, but labor can often exceed 100 dollars an hour.

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TikTok user @soshethinkssheisfunny recently posted a video perfectly illustrating the obscene prices mechanics charge. It has garnered 3.4 million views since it was posted on May 5.

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The video starts with the TikToker standing beside her car’s broken sideview mirror, wrapped in plastic and held up by a yoga strap.

“All right,” the TikToker begins. “If … someone has hit your car mirror, and you go to the auto shop, and you’re like, ‘how much is this going to set me back?’ and they quote you at 650 dollars, you say, ‘Have a nice day, sir.’”

Rather than pay the auto shop’s exorbitant price, @soshethinkssheisfunny says viewers should “go to eBay, and you get your power drill, and you get your, I think it’s called a drill bit.” She displays each tool in front of the camera as she lists them. “And we’re going to do it ourselves, and I’m going to show you how.”

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“Step one is obtain the part from eBay. I have a 2011 Chevy Cruze,” she says, holding up a new mirror. “This is that mirror.” Then, she lifts the broken mirror hanging loosely off her car. “And we are going to replace this mirror that I currently have attached to my car with a yoga strap.”

The camera focuses on her hand gripping a small side panel on the inside of her door. “Step one is you have this panel here. I don’t know if all cars have this, but Chevy’s do. All you need is something to wedge up under it to take it off.” She pops the panel off, revealing the wiring inside. “Step 2, which at the auto shop they tried to tell me why it would cost me 350 dollars, is because it’s powered.” She grips a small electrical part. “That’s the power. You just unplug it.”

“Then, we are going to take out our three bits, our three little bolts right here,” she says as she unscrews each bolt with her power drill.

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She steps out of her car, and the camera zooms out. “Once it’s off, all you do is take the mirror off. Whoa,” she exclaims at the ease of detaching the mirror. “You just put the new mirror right on there,” she says as she pops the new mirror onto the door.

The TikToker steps back into her car and begins screwing the bolts back in with the power drill while using her other hand to hold the new mirror in place. “You come back around; you take the drill; you put it in; you hold it.”

“Boom,” she exclaims after screwing everything back into place. “And the power that the auto shop is trying to charge you so much money for, you just plug it back in. And that’s how you fix your mirror for not 700 dollars. Have a great day.”

She concludes the video by saying the repair only cost her “60 dollars.”

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Don’t let autoshops pull one over on you, srsly guys

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In the comments section, many users agreed with @soshethinkssheisfunny’s assessment of how mechanics habitually overcharge their customers.

“Mechanics are con artists lol,” one user stated.

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“Mechanics and hair stylists are from the same tree,” a second wrote.

“They are acting like they have to re wire and manually program the hole car,” another added.

Other commenters discussed how easy DIY car repairs can be. 

“eBay coupled with YouTube videos are an unbeatable combination for stuff like this, way to go,” one viewer wrote.

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“I did exactly that. I was quoted $550 to have it fixed. Took me 45 minutes with a YouTube tutorial and $115 on eBay to replace it myself,” a second shared.

“Been working on cars for years it can be scary but everyone should try it’s all so easy when you realize what you need to do,” a third advised.

Several viewers also congratulated the TikToker on her quick thinking and DIY abilities.

“Props for the Ryobi drill. Congratulations on your ability to conquer this task on your own and document it for your followers,” one commenter praised.

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“It’s always rage inspired by injustice that motivates me to learn a new skill. I love people who are the same,” another said.

The Daily Dot contacted @soshethinkssheisfunny via TikTok comment for further information.

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