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Shaun Apple agreed to step down as the administrator of the popular Reddit section r/trees. Consider the incident the first lesson in his International Cannabis Culture Education Forum.

The creator of Reddit’s largest cannabis community is stepping down after admitting to collecting donations for a nonprofit organization that does not exist.

Shaun Apple, who goes by cinsere on Reddit, made the announcement on r/trees, the community he created and used to collect about $4,000 for his so-called International Cannabis Culture Education Forum:

I’m not really experienced in forming a nonprofit and have made a lot of mistakes, but I was well-intentioned and trying to educate myself. Unforeseen circumstances forced me to delay things more than intended and that is extremely regrettable, and made things worse. … I’m going to take the next few months as opportunity to focus on establishing the non-profit officially and legally with the aid of a business lawyer.

Apple also said that he will be auditing the funds and working with business partners to refund their money. His post reached the top of r/trees, where most of the 300 comments praised his decision.

“I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I hope all parties are satisfied, the non-profit gets set up the proper way, no one goes to jail, and we all come away from this having learned a valuable lesson,” wrote Monoscuit. “Trust is an invaluable resource and I’d hate to see r/trees lose it the way other subreddits have.”

Other people couldn’t help but question Apple’s promises.

“If anyone believes that this scammer is doing anything but telling you what you want to hear is rather naeive [sic]. No where in his post does he say any names or amounts,” wrote Smoopy. “You poor stoned fools.”

The Daily Dot is awaiting comment from Apple.

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Reddit pot nonprofit goes up in smoke
The creator of the popular Reddit section, r/trees, used his pot-loving audience to raise nearly $4,000 for a nonprofit that never existed.
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