In today’s Reddit Digest, IIan Miles Cheon gets caught cheating the system and redditors try to best Ernest Hemingway.

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  • SolInvictus, moderator of several default subreddits, including r/WTF and r/politics, has been banned for spamming. The redditor, whose real name is Ian Miles Cheong, works as an editor of the gaming site, Gameranx. Cheong frequently submitted links to the site and others in which he had a personal stake, under his SolInvictus account and, allegedly, a second account, “slaterhearst.” (/r/reportthespammers)

  • Doctor Gunther von Hagens preserves human bodies through plastination and puts them on display in a traveling exhibition called “Body Worlds.” Over the weekend, one of his former interns did an AMA. (/r/IAmA)

  • Redditor GreatWhiteBuffalos writes: “Ernest Hemingway once won a bet by writing a six word story comprised of these words: ‘For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.'” Can Reddit do any better? Not quite, but redditors certainly try their best: “He died as he lived; alone;” “‘What is heroin?’ asked Janis, intrigued;” “He smiled hello. She sighed goodbye.” (/r/AskReddit)

  • James Cameron live-tweeted from the bottom of the Mariana Trench last night—the deepest place on Earth. Redditor august_eighty catalogs mainstream media’s poor performance covering the event and writes: “This is a very rare and incredible achievement that should most definitely be major headline news. But it seems explorations such as these do not warrant that much attention these days.” (/r/science)

  • Here is everything you ever wanted to know about riding a motorbike from the Netherlands to Nepal. (/r/IAmA)

  • You may not understand this discussion on Pi, binary, and copyrights, but the conclusions are abolutely fascinating: “Potentially, if you calculated Pi, in binary, to an infinite number of decimal places, you would be guilty of every possible copyright fraud, including all future works if represented in ASCII (or any other character set). You would also generate every possible computer program, every video, etc. depending on the representation and delimitation you apply.” (/r/askscience)

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