Red Lobster customers eating with caption '$22 Endless Shrimp Deal at Red Lobster How much can I eat?' (l) Red Lobster building with sign (c) Red Lobster customers eating with caption '$22 Endless Shrimp Deal at Red Lobster How much can I eat?' (r)

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‘Should charge u for 3 people cuz that’s crazy’: Red Lobster customers make it through plates and plates of shrimp during endless deal

'I gained 4lb by just watching the video.'


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Posted on Oct 3, 2023

“How much can I eat?” asks TikToker Raina Huang (@rainaiscrazy) in a now-viral video that’s garnered over 210,000 views.

The social media user was taking advantage of Red Lobster’s “Ultimate Endless Shrimp” deal and wanted to see how many of the sea creatures she could consume in a single sitting.

However, those familiar with Huang’s other content probably already knew the answer to her question before even starting the video. That’s because nearly every single clip features her wearing a fabulous outfit as she sits before copious amounts of food and devours it for her viewers’ delight.

@rainaiscrazy $22 Endless Shrimp Deal at Red Lobster 🦞 How much can I eat? Ft @Steve Cha ♬ Old Disney Swing Jazz – Nico

The Red Lobster video is a fast-forward time-lapse that lasts a minute and thirty-three seconds. It shows Huang sitting next to TikToker Steve Cha (@rockstareater) as the two clear plate after plate of different varieties of shrimp. Whenever she clears a plate, Huang neatly stacks it in front of her before diving into the next serving. She also eats pasta in between shrimp servings as she waits for a server to bring her more.

It doesn’t take long in the video before she has three distinct plate stacks piled up on the table, each for a different type of shrimp. Even when all of them reach a respectable height, she continues to get more shrimp.

The video ends with Huang seemingly counting her shrimp tails and piling them onto an empty plate, creating a veritable exoskeleton graveyard.

Commenters who saw the clip had a variety of opinions on Huang’s feast.

One speculated that Red Lobster wasn’t too happy with her decision to go all out with the promotion. “You know they were mad,” they wrote.

Others commended Huang for the sheer amount of ocean protein she was able to consume in one go.

“Now this is getting your moneys worth,” one quipped.

“You’re the type of friend I need when going to a buffet!” a second said.

“GDI I gained 4lb by just watching the video,” another joked.

According to Red Lobster, the Ultimate Endless Shrimp promotion allows customers to mix and match different shrimp options like Tequila Lime, Crispy Dragon, Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut, Garlic Shrimp Scampi, and more. Customers also get their choice of side.

The deal starts at $20, but the restaurant notes that prices may vary and “shrimp flavors are subject to availability.” In her video, Huang says she paid $22 for the deal.

Though the promotion sounds enticing to customers, Endless Shrimp isn’t exactly a beloved menu offering for Red Lobster employees. One Red Lobster employee recently went viral for sharing the “truth” behind the deal and begging customers to go to a different restaurant instead.

The Daily Dot contacted Huang via TikTok comment and Red Lobster via email for further information.

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*First Published: Oct 3, 2023, 4:12 pm CDT