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‘Dawg that aint a tender’: Raising Cane’s customer can’t believe what’s in his Box Combo when he gets home

‘What’d you do to them bro’


Grace Fowler


A Raising Cane’s customer posted a viral video after supposedly finding an unexpected item in his Box Combo when we got home. 

The user @foreheadnut has reached over 3.1 million views and 492,000 likes on his TikTok, captioned, “What the hell happened.” 

In his eight-second video, @foreheadnut first asks, “What the f*ck did they put in my Box Combo?”

According to the company website, the Box Combo at Raising Cane’s contains “4 Chicken Fingers, Crinkle-Cut Fries, One Cane’s Sauce®, Texas Toast, Coleslaw, Regular Fountain Drink/Tea.”

As he flips his camera around to show the inside of his Box Combo, viewers can see a rock-sized circular item that does not resemble chicken tenders, fries, or any item listed in the combo.

@foreheadnut says, “That better not be one of my f*cking tenders.” 

@foreheadnut What the hell happened. Dissected in lates video 😋 #canes #chickenball #roblox #chickentenders ♬ original sound – ForeheadNut

Viewers in the comments section joke that the mysterious item in @foreheaednut’s box combo is a “chicken egg.” One viewer added, “when it hatches u will be responsible for raising cane.”

Another said, “dawg that aint a tender, that’s just a tend.”

@foreheadnut told the Daily Dot via direct message, “I actually work at canes and made it myself! Lol.”

“It was basically a chicken tender that was re-battered and fried about 40 times,” he explained. “I thought it was really funny.”

In a second video @foreheadnut posted, he added a series of photos of himself eating and “dissecting” the re-battered chicken tender. He says, “Dinner’s served.” 


Mmm mm yum yum in my tum! I ated it all! 😁


In recent headlines, a Raising Cane’s customer posted a hack on how to get fresh tenders. They said ordering “naked tenders” from Raising Cane’s will get you fresh food and one extra tender added to your box.

“Not too sure if this proves it out for every location, but buy three, get four? That’s a good deal, Raising Cane’s,” they added. 

As the Daily Dot reported, “While the Raising Cane’s naked tenders may not be on the menu, you can still order them. In addition to being breadless, the tenders also gluten and dairy-free and don’t have any allergens. But they are made in the same fryers as the regular chicken.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Raising Cane’s via email. 

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