Publix customer says she got paid to leave with $37 of food

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‘Today worked out beautifully’: Publix customer says she got paid to leave with $37 of food

‘Well done!’


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A couponer posted a viral video saying she was paid to take $37 worth of food out of the Publix grocery store. Dee (@heyimdee_) has reached over 15,000 views on her TikTok. Dee says in her account bio that she is an extreme couponer and savings coach.

In the 1-minute video Dee posted, she first added an on-screen caption that says, “Couponer goes to Publix and gets PAID to take $37 worth of food out of the store!”

Dee then pans the video to record the section of Publix that carries spices. She first records herself grabbing a Weber N’Orleans Cajun Seasoning, that is placed on the shelf right above a coupon sign. The sign is a “Buy 1 Get 1 free” coupon, to save $2.79 on any 2.5 to 3.75- oz bottle of Weber Seasoning. 

She grabs 2 bottles of N’Orleans Cajun Seasoning before grabbing one bottle of Roasted Garlic & Herb seasoning and one bottle of Garlic Parmesan seasoning. 

Next, Dee makes her way to the dairy section of Publix to find Starbucks Coffee Creamer. She grabs four bottles of creamer in the flavor Vanilla Latte, and the coupon for the Starbucks Coffee Creamer read, “”Buy 1 Get 1 free, save $6.49.” 

In the next clip, Dee set all four spices and four bottles of creamer in her cart and added an on-screen caption to explain her purchases. The caption read that the retail prices for her items was $37.12, but she paid “$0 + $5 MM.” UCF states that in “coupon lingo,” MM stands for Money Maker. The site says it refers to “the total coupon value credit at register for a particular item being more than the original cost of the item.”

When Dee got back to her car, she began explaining the deals she made by couponing. She says, “Today worked out beautifully.”

First, she records the receipt for her Starbucks creamers. For each $6.49 bottle of creamer, Dee saved $3.25. Her total for four bottles of creamer was $11.42. However, Dee saved $14.98 on Starbucks creamer in total by using a store coupon of $2.00, and her “Special Price Savings” of $12.96.

Next, Dee shows her receipt for the Weber’s seasoning, and reads that she saved a total of $5.58. For each $2.79 bottle of seasoning, Dee saved $1.39. Her order total was $5.58, although she used her Special Price Savings discount of $5.58, to make the total out to $0.00.

Before ending her video she mentioned that there were only a few more Buy 1 Get 1 free deals left, so viewers “gotta act fast.”

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“Ok I’m gonna start paying attention to you a lil more now! Well done!” a viewer told Dee in the comment section of her video.

Another said, “I saved $13 extra last week with the bogo deals.”

What’s a BOGO deal?

BOGO deals are what Dee used in her video while shopping at Publix. Publix states that BOGO deals are “weekly buy-one-get-one-free offers.” The site adds, “We feature at least 30 deals every week so you can stock up and save.”

To view BOGOs while shopping on the Publix website, tap Savings > Weekly Ad then tap BOGO. Tap + to the right of each item you want to save, Publix continues.

Publix has its Saving & Coupon Policy FAQ listed on their website as well. It states they offer “weekly specials, buy-one-get-one free promotions, and accept Publix, manufacturer, and competitor coupons.”

The Daily Dot reached out to request a comment from Dee via TikTok direct message and Publix via email. 

In recent headlines, Dee shared how to get “expensive” ice cream like Talenti for just $0.66 by couponing at Publix.

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