Popeyes customer discovers an 'infinite food glitch' by using this free chicken hack

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‘I used to do the McDonald’s one’: Popeyes customer discovers an ‘infinite food glitch’ by using this free chicken hack

‘$3.56 for a fast food soft drink is crazy.’


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With fast food inflation ravaging people’s bank accounts at a higher rate when compared to the average inflation rate in other industries, it’s understandable that folks will look for every perk to shave a few bucks off their meals.

However, TikToker Joshua Mileham (@glazedepoxy) shared an “infinite food” glitch that seems too good to be true: Free Popeyes chicken. He showed how to use a recurring survey questionnaire at the back of Popeyes’ receipts that’ll allow folks to get a free two-piece chicken and biscuit, as long as they purchase a large fountain drink.

A ‘free chicken’ hack

“Get free chicken at Popeyes? Check it out,” The TikToker says while holding up a bag of Popeyes food to the camera before delving into how one can go about securing this free deep-fried fowl.

The video then cuts to him inside the restaurant where he talks to someone off-camera. He asks them what the “cheapest” thing on the menu is, it sounds like he’s mentioning that he wants to spend around 25 cents.

“One sauce,” the employee tells him, which is the most inexpensive item on the menu, retailing for around 29 cents each packet. “OK, can I get one sauce?” the content creator asks.

After buying his one sauce, Mileham grabs the receipt and then holds up the sauce to the camera before flipping the receipt to show the back.

“‘Enjoy two piece of chicken and a biscuit with a purchase of a large drink,’” he reads off the receipt. “And then we gotta get this code.” He reads the back of the promotional receipt where it explains how customers can redeem their free food.

He pulls up the Popeyes website and after answering a series of questions related to his experience as a customer, he’s given the code.

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Does it work?

Now out of the menu screen, the TikToker is back on camera and holding the receipt with the code written on the back in his hand.

Next, he’s at the counter, recording the worker putting his order together, which came out to a grand total of $3.56 for the large drink.

He holds up the receipt to the camera with the food beneath it. “All right, so we spent $3.56, plus our ranch was .30, we got two pieces of chicken, a biscuit, and a large drink, and then you can basically just call and do it again and get another one,” he says, showing the receipt on camera again.

“It’s an infinite food glitch,” the TikToker says before the video ultimately cuts out.

He broke it down further in a caption for the video, writing, “For this food hack go into your local popeyes ask to purchase a sauce. Next take the reciept and go do the survey. Then go buy a large drink and get 2 free chickens and biscuit. Total spend should be around $3.60.”

While many were impressed with the hack, others said they couldn’t believe how much Popeyes was charging for a fountain drink.

“3.56 for a fast food soft drink is crazy,” one person said.

Another echoed, “$3.50 for a drink is ridiculous tho!”

Someone else said he could’ve saved a few cents by not buying the sauce, as he could’ve simply walked into the store and picked up a receipt from off the floor.

However, as the TikToker explained, he thought it added a humorous beat to his clip to film himself asking to buy the cheapest thing on the menu in order to kick off the “infinite food glitch” from scratch: “I was thinking about doing that but. Buying the cheapest thing was fun to film. Lol.”

Another user shared how there are plenty of ways to get fast food on the cheap, writing, “I been saying this. People are sleeping on fast food receipts, and the apps. Don’t get me started on free bday stuff!!!”

However, someone else said that they weren’t all that impressed with the hack seeing as the drink cost so much money: “There ain’t no way a large drink cost $3.56 and plus you basically just pay for a meal.”

This isn’t the first time Popeyes lovers have hopped onto TikTok to share how folks can nab themselves some free chicken just for completing a survey—the Daily Dot has previously reported on another user’s viral video where they also urged folks to take advantage of the survey-for-food stipulation.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Popeyes and Mileham via email for further comment.

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