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‘I’m convinced I just ordered her Amazon cart’: Popeye’s customer speculates that worker swiped her card info, says she’s only paying with Apple card from now on

‘I keep all my cards locked until I get ready to use.’


Jack Alban


A Popeye’s diner believes she’s been a victim of credit card theft, and she talks about her experience in a viral TikTok.

Ra’Jiva Sholtz (@jayvawayva) uploaded a video with the title: “POV: You Realize You’ve Just Got GOT!” In the video, she claims a drive-thru worker may have stolen her credit card information because the worker held on to her card for way too long.

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The TikTok creator explains what happened: “I was just in the drive-thru at Popeye’s so I get this girl one of my other credit cards right and she had my credit card so long I am convinced that I just ordered her Amazon cart.”

Ra’Jila goes on to say that in the future she will only use her Apple credit card when shopping in person. She says that it has a number of safety features, including not displaying the card number on the physical card, which makes stealing information much more difficult.

“Now I got to go freeze my card,” she says, ending the video with a side-eye.

This isn’t the first time a customer has used the social media app to warn viewers about fast food users stealing their information—like one McDonald’s customer who caught a worker trying to buy sneakers with her card.

A number of viewers extolled the benefits of Apple’s credit card in the comment section of Ra’Jila’s video.

One user wholeheartedly agreed with the creator’s suggestion, saying that they too exclusively used the Apple credit card for all in-person payments. “Facts! I retired all credit and debit cards.. I only use my Apple Card for everything”

Another wrote, “And you can change the number on your Apple Card as soon as you think it’s compromised.”

“I love Apple Card. Did you know you can set it up where the CCV code changes every few hours? Extra safe,” a third shared.

Apple’s website claims that their credit card, “is designed to make sure you’re the only one who can use it.” One of its security features is that it generates a “unique transaction code” for each payment. This, along with “advanced technologies like Face ID, Touch ID, and Apple Pay give you an enhanced level of privacy and security.”

A number of viewers also offered suggestions on how to be more proactive when it comes to keeping credit card information secure, regardless of whether it’s an Apple card or not.

“I keep all my cards locked until I get ready to use. As soon as transaction done…..LOCK,” offered one person.

“I really do freeze my card soon as they hand it back if I feel they have it too long,” wrote another user.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Apple and Popeye’s via email and to Ra’Jila via TikTok comment for further information.

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