Customer catches Popeyes worker in a lie, confronts him in drive-thru

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‘You got everybody on the internet hating me’: Customer catches Popeyes worker in a lie, confronts him in drive-thru

'He wasn’t playing'


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Posted on Dec 16, 2023

Internet outrage is a funny thing. Oftentimes, folks who are dead seat about adhering to a dominant narrative that informs their entire outlook on life will look to do everything in their power in order to further feed that narrative.

Every exchange they’re in is defined by that narrative. Every conversation they have, they’re gauging whether or not the person they’re talking to agrees with their narrative and if they don’t, look out.

Or they end up just shrieking and making wild accusations about the individual using terminology that paints them as toxic. Kind of like how a NASA intern’s boss was vilified simply for suggesting she carefully pays attention to how she presents herself on social media after she cussed up a storm online.

It seems that another TikToker who goes by Big Mommey (@bigmommey) on the platform has experienced her own instance of knee-jerk, jump-the-gun reactions after she uploaded a video of her interaction with a Popeyes employee.

In the clip, which may be a skit, it appears she has a disagreement with the drive-thru employee where she asks if she can change her order at the window. The employee’s angry reaction purportedly got him fired, and there were throngs of commenters who called her out for her putting the young man on blast and purportedly getting him in trouble. But not so fast.

Here’s what happened in the first clip:


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“What kind of customer service is this?” Big Mommey asks in a text overlay of the video. “Um, I meant to say No. 3. I don’t want this. And um, yeah can you change that to a No. 3? Matter of fact, um, a No. 7,” she tells the worker, who looks at her incredulously.

“No. 7?” he asks, briefly looking away from the camera, she then asks him to pick a No. 3 or a No. 7 as part of the order.

“What you mean I pick one? You ordered the f*cking food,” he said.

“Excuse me?” the TikToker asks.

“You heard what I said man…I ain’t got time for your sh*t bro,” he responds.

“What kind of customer service is this?” the woman asks.

“This what you paid for this what you bout to get.”

“I want a number —”

“This is what you paid for so this is what you’re gonna get,” he tells her as he holds the food out to her to take away from the drive-thru.

She corrects him on the drink that she requested too, stating that she doesn’t want a Fanta but a fruit punch.

“You want fruit punch? You’re finna get what the f*ck I made and what the f*ck I paid for,” he says.

“Oh my God,” the woman says off-camera, “What kind of customer service is this?”

“What kind of customer are you?” he retorts.

She deliberates for a bit before ultimately asking for her money back, apparently shocked at the treatment in which she received from the Popeyes employee. He doesn’t seem too keen on honoring this request, however.

“Your money back? Lady f*ck your money here get this, get this drink, here you go, you have a nice day,” the man says handing her her items and then shutting the drive-thru window.

Several commenters criticized her for reportedly getting the employee in trouble. A number of folks decried her behavior too, like one person who wrote: “who orders food pays and then says I want another order can I have my money back. Ain’t no refund at Popeyes”

Someone else said: “You told him to pick one so he picked the one you already ordered”

Another remarked: “Brooooo noooo you can’t just switch your order like that AT THE WINDOW. Give him a raise”

Big Mommey decided to upload another video to address the claim that the young man was fired (which seems to have been uploaded a joke video from the young man where he said he was fired after that first clip went viral), while also seemingly confirming another TikToker’s speculation that the first video was indeed a “skit.”

“Oh, look who didn’t get fired,” the TikToker writes in a text overlay of the video.

@bigmommey Replying to @Khaleesi & Big coop ♬ original sound – BIG MOMMEY

“Hey, I thought you got fired,” someone from off-camera can be heard saying to the Popeyes employee at the drive-thru window, who adjusts his clothes while looking into the camera.

“You thought I got fired? Hold up, look, I was just bullsh*tting bruh and you know this, man! Come on!”

“You got everybody on the internet hating me bro. They’re calling me racist.”

“Oh for real?”

“Yes, threatening my life.”

“Oh for real?” the employee asks again, before asking what the “ats” are for the people who are hassling her online.

“I’m gonna run up for you,” he adds.

Another employee at the Popeyes hands her a cup of water and she asks for ice, while the other worker she initially addressed in the video jokingly yells at her and says that she’s going to get what she paid for, making a mock fuss over her request, seemingly an allusion to a previous video she uploaded that was the source of all the internet rage she found herself on the receiving end of.

The three of them continue to laugh, “Look can you change my whole ice order please?” she laughs again as the worker pours her a cup of ice water. He hands it back to her, visibly gripping the cup. She questions why he feels the need to grab the cup with such intensity (again, another joke) before she requests a straw.

“What you need a straw for?” he asks, keeping up with the faux-confrontational persona. The other employee tries handing her a straw, which he rips from his hand, saying that there “ain’t nothing but ice in there,” so there’s no need to give her a straw.

“What do you need a straw for?” he asks again, keeping the joke going.

It would appear that Mommey demonstrated in a duo of videos that folks should probably get all of the facts before they cast figurative e-stones online.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Popeyes via email and Big Mommey via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Dec 16, 2023, 2:34 pm CST