Planet Fitness customers blasts regional manager for how he handled after male staffer ‘violated’ her

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‘Can we get on the phone?’: Planet Fitness customer blasts regional manager for how he handled things after male staffer ‘violated’ her

‘I don’t like Planet Fitness’ whole attitude’


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A Planet Fitness customer blasts one of the company’s regional managers for how they handled an incident in which a male staff member “violated” her.

TikTok user Tiff (@theunapologetictiff) posted the original video, which has since amassed more than 879,000 views, on June 28. In it, she says, “I am so upset, and I’m not trying to be dramatic, but I’m literally shaking.” She says she was just at Planet Fitness changing in the women’s locker room when a male staff member walked out of the women’s bathroom and saw her without a shirt or bra on.

This led to her confronting the employee. “I just feel really violated that he saw me,” she says. “I just feel really yucky that a man saw a part of my naked body that I did not want to see my naked body. And I totally embarrassed myself because it was hard for me to come down from it. I went up to the front desk and was like, ‘That’s [expletive] unacceptable.’”

She admits that she did swear at the worker, but she feels it was warranted because of the situation. “And then the chick at the front desk was like, ‘Ma’am, he was talking to you calmly,’” she says. “I’m like, this is a big [expletive] deal. It upset me that they were so nonchalant about it. I think it is a big deal.”

In the caption, Tiff wrote, “His excuse was theres no single use bathrooms for men … when it literally LOOKS INTO THE LOCKER ROOM.” In the comments, viewers told Tiff she was not being dramatic.

“You’re not dramatic, your feelings are valid,” wrote one viewer. 

Another viewer wrote, “If his excuse were true, he would do everything he could not to look around – not make eye contact with a half-undressed woman.”

Planet Fitness management under fire for response

In a follow-up video posted on Tuesday Tiff reveals she received a response from Planet Fitness. “They did ask me to not share this on my social media, but I don’t like Planet Fitness’ whole attitude about just telling me to calm down and shut up about this,” she says. “Their response to me being violated by one of their male staff members was to calm down.”

She continues, “Their response to resolving the conflict about this with me was to ask me to please not share it on social media.”

Tiff then displays a screenshot of the purported email, which includes an apology and indicates there will be “some disciplinary action” and training implemented to ensure this doesn’t happen again. It also waived Tiff’s membership for three months.

“At the time of the incident, their main priority was to de-escalate the conversation so that everyone could talk it out. They did understand the severity of the matter, and the male staff member was extremely remorseful about the whole thing,” the email reads.

@theunapologetictiff Replying to @Smash’em *the regional manager asked me not to discuss the convo that we had on the phone which was a couple hours after these emails @Planet Fitness ♬ original sound – tiff 🦋

This isn’t the first time Planet Fitness has made headlines recently. A couple of months ago, a woman complained after gym staff fat-shamed her into keeping her membership. Planet Fitness told the Daily Dot that the employees were promptly fired.

The Daily Dot reached out to Tiff via TikTok comment and email for comment. It also reached out to Planet Fitness via email for comment.

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