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‘Worked every time’: Pizza shop worker says he would place orders himself and then cancel them for free food

‘Rookie moves. I did catering trays.’


Maya Wray


A viral video posted to TikTok by a former pizza store employee revealed a hack for other workers to receive free food. 

“Life hack: When I worked at a pizza place they would let us eat any orders that got canceled. So I would place an order online, usually pizza, wings, breadsticks and dessert, and wait for it to get made, then cancel it so I could eat it. Worked every time,” user @vaycayy wrote in his video’s text overlay.

The clip has been viewed 238,200 times since it was first posted on May 22.

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“I literally just stopped working at a pizza place. Why didn’t I think of this BEFORE?” one commenter lamented. “But they wouldn’t let us eat besides on breaks.”

Other users revealed that @vaycayy’s hack worked at their own restaurants.

“Worked at a pretzel maker/Great American Cookies. We could eat whatever as long as it wasn’t ridiculous,” one wrote. “I ate so many pretzels.” 

“I worked carside at Applebee’s and I would pretend someone called in an order and never came for it so I could take it home,” another said. 

“Rookie moves. I did catering trays,” a third wrote.

One commenter said her pizza place didn’t require such a hack. “We made stuff that wasn’t even on the menu at all and the customers watched us eat it while staring at us,” they revealed.

Some users said free food was a luxury reserved for employees working closing shifts only. “We only eat canceled orders on closing shifts,” one user shared. “I think everyone’s too scared to do it with our GM there.” 

“They only let closers eat the leftovers and I leave an hour before closing,” another user concurred. 

The Daily Dot reached out to @vaycayy via TikTok comment. 

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