Spirit Airlines passenger brings his own parachute to the flight ‘just in case’

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‘Look you fly spirit if you wanna become a spirit’: Spirit Airlines passenger brings his own parachute to the flight ‘just in case’

'We can’t be seen as the parachute people in the airport.'


Allyson Waller


Posted on Dec 30, 2023

A TikTok creator is coming to terms with the attention she and her husband received after a video became viral of her husband bringing his parachute on board a Spirit Airlines flight.

The original story, which was covered by publications like the New York Post, focused on the couple Brandon and Kagan Brooks. In the viral video, Kagan poked fun at her husband and his parachute which he was actually transporting for recreational purposes, according to the Post. Unfortunately, the joke flew above some people’s heads.

“Not my husband bringing his parachute on Spirit Airlines just in case,” Kagan wrote jokingly in the original video.

@kaganbrooks I was laughing out loud the entire time 😂 #spiritairlines #traveltiktok #skydiver #spirit #traveltok ♬ Surround Sound – JID

Kagan shared in a follow-up video that her husband brought the parachute for a trip to Miami, where he plans to go skydiving. According to the Sheffield School of Aeronautics, commercial flights usually don’t use parachutes as an evacuation tool because using them requires extensive training that most people are unlikely to have.

Now that some of the attention has died down, Kagan talked to her TikTok followers about how surprised she was that her video got so much attention.

“I expected it to go viral on TikTok but I did not expect my grandmother to see it on the TV,” she said.

She shared that the couple were making another trip to the airport, and her husband planned to bring his parachute—again for recreational purposes. This time, Kagan said they’re taking a different approach when it comes to storing their belongings.

“This time we’re putting [the parachute] in the checked bag so we don’t get recognized because we’re so embarrassed about how viral it went,” she said. “…We can’t be seen as the parachute people in the airport.”

Kagan further joked that if her husband opted to carry the parachute instead of checking it in with the rest of their luggage, there was a likely chance she would choose not to be seen with him.

Some commenters were unaware of the viral moment Kagan addressed in her video.

“Never saw it, you’re fine,” user Anthony Martinez (@plumber_anthony23) said.

@kaganbrooks HAHAHAHA #spiritairlines #traveltiktok #spirit #skydiver #viralvideo ♬ Surround Sound – JID

Meanwhile, other commenters warned not to check in the parachute because it’s such as valuable item, as some can cost hundreds of dollars if not thousands.

“Do not check that chute! Always take valuables carry one when possible. Especially on Spirit,” user Dylan Baines (@dill_piklz) said.

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*First Published: Dec 30, 2023, 6:00 pm CST