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‘I sat there and I told her today is my last f*cking day’: Panera worker says manager wrote her up for calling customers ‘baby’

‘I’ve only ever heard bad things about working at Panera I swear.’


Tiffanie Drayton


One Panera worker says her experience working for the company was so awful that she had to quit.

In a viral video that has received over 2.5 million views and 677,000 likes as of Saturday, TikToker VENUS (@v3nus3sgrav3) explained what led to her abrupt decision to leave her job.


srry had to vent

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“I just f*cking quit my job!” the TikToker declared.

VENUS said her managers never appreciated or respected her, despite her hard work and commitment. In the over six-minute clip, the TikToker recounted multiple incidents with her bosses to prove her point. She said one of her bosses called her “slow” for asking to write down numbers so she would not forget them, and another spoke badly about her in another language.

“Another manager went and said something about me in Spanish,” she said. “Little does she know, I speak Spanish.”

However, what sent her over the edge was realizing that her managers were “putting pressure” on hard workers while allowing those who don’t do “jack sh*t” to slack off.

“They quick to run their mouth about the people who bust their a**,” she explained.

And that’s allegedly what happened after she went above and beyond to provide good customer service. While handing over customers’ orders, the TikToker thought she was being friendly by calling them pet names. In one instance, she called an elderly woman “baby,” and that’s when things went downhill.

“I been calling people sweet names like that since I started working here, and nobody has ever came to me and said nothing,” she said.

In three years working at the fast food chain, she never ran into issues over calling customers pet names. However, her boss decided to write her up that day. And to make matters worse, the manager allegedly talked to other workers about the incident without addressing it with VENUS.

“If you’re going to talk about me, come to me about me,” the TikToker said.

After a manager pulled her aside to talk, VENUS finally dropped the bomb.

“Today is my last f*cking day,” she reportedly told her boss.

In the comments section, many TikTokers defended the former Panera worker calling customers pet names and agreed with her decision to leave the job.

“Personally I love when customer service workers call me baby or sweetheart,” one user wrote. “It’s such a heartwarming feeling.”

“I feel like they jealous of u bc ur pretty and a hard worker and bc they are in charge they think they can do whatever,” a second said.

“All I heard was Panera and I was like yupppp you ain’t wrong,” another wrote.

This is not the first time someone has gone viral for complaining about working at Panera. One woman went viral after she alleged that she was promoted to a management position just so the company could pay her less. Another raked in thousands of views after she accused her managers of not standing up for her in front of customers.

The Daily Dot contacted VENUS via TikTok comment and Panera via email for further information.

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