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‘I have her admitting to it on video’: Palm Beach Tan customer tries to cancel subscription. She can’t believe what the associate did (updated)

'Make a police report on that.'


Natasha Dubash


Posted on Feb 15, 2024   Updated on Feb 16, 2024, 7:50 am CST

A customer at Palm Beach Tan says she tried to cancel her subscription at the salon, only to have the associate lie and forge her signature.

TikToker Aalllyyyy (@allyissuperhot) shared her story from her car, which was parked right outside of the salon in West Lafayette, Indiana. She captioned the post, “TANNING PSA,” and tagged Palm Beach Tan’s account.

The TikToker says she had a subscription to the tanning salon since she was a student nearby, but in January, she decided to cancel her subscription. 

“So January 9th or 10th, I go in with my friend who tans with me, and we both tan,” she says. “And then at the end of our session, as we’re going to leave, I go up to the counter, and I’m like, ‘Hey, I want to cancel my subscription.'”

She says the woman at the counter asked if she wanted to freeze the account instead, but the customer reiterated her decision. So, according to the TikToker, the associate went ahead and processed the cancelation and had her sign a paper.

However, when the tanning customer checked her bank statements at the start of the next month, she says she saw a charge for $8.25 from Palm Beach Tan.

She says she called the salon, and the associate on the phone immediately refused to give her a refund and informed her there was no way she could have been charged because the account had been canceled. According to the TikToker, when she reiterated that she had been charged, the associate insisted that it wasn’t possible and said there was nothing more she could do.

The TikToker says she then received an email from Palm Beach Tan after she hung up the phone. “I open it, and it’s a notice of cancelation as of Feb. 4, 2024,” she says. “And on the bottom is my signature, dated and timed 11:54—a minute after I got off the phone with her.”

“A minute after I got off the phone with her, she canceled my subscription and forged my signature,” the outraged customer says. 

The customer says when she called the salon back, the woman admitted to forging the signature. “Yeah, I signed for you,” the associate reportedly said.

The TikToker adds that when she posted about the experience to her Snapchat story, two people messaged her saying that they and their friends had similar experiences at Palm Beach Tan. 

The video garnered 26,900 views, and viewers were shocked by the salon associate’s alleged actions. 

“Giiirl. I don’t even think you have to sue. Forgery is a criminal charge… make a police report on that,” one person wrote, to which the TikToker responded, “And i have her admitting to it on video like….did she think i wouldn’t realize or????”

“SIGNED YOUR NAME. Girl I’d look into a small settlement,” said another. 

Forgery involves the “making of a false writing with an intent to defraud,” and “writing, to be forgery, must either have legal significance or be commonly relied upon in business transactions.” Penalties for forgery “are very serious and can result in a long-term prison sentence anywhere from 5 to 10 years in prison and large fines from $10,000 to $25,000.”

@allyissuperhot TANNING PSA @Palm Beach Tan #purdue #westlafayette #tanning #lawsuit ♬ original sound – aalllyyyy

A few commenters even said they had similar experiences at Palm Beach Tan.

“THEY DID THIS TO ME TOO YEARS AGO,” one viewer wrote.

“They froze our accounts when we said we wanted to cancel as well in southern Indiana!!” a second shared.

“I used to tan at their location in Utah and they would randomly charge me $24 so I would call and their explanation never made sense,” another wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to the TikTok creator via TikTok comment and to Palm Beach Tan via email for further information.

Update 7:50am CT, Feb. 16: In an email to the Daily Dot, Palm Beach Tan shared the following statement:

“We take matters of this nature very seriously, and we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. Our team recognizes the mistake that was made and is eager to work directly with the customer to resolve this situation.”

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*First Published: Feb 15, 2024, 10:00 am CST