Car owner gets revenge right before car gets repossessed

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‘Instead of giving it back, they do this!’: Car owner gets revenge right before car gets repossessed. It backfires

‘She didn’t want us to have it.’


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A video showcasing what appears to be a car owner’s fiery retaliation against a repossession agency has gone viral. The TikTok video, posted by user @yungmost, an alleged repossession agent, starts with him filming a vehicle he’s supposed to repo. The footage shows smoke billowing out of the car, obscuring the interior completely. 

Accompanying the video is an on-screen caption that reads, “When you go to do a repo and instead of giving it back, they do this!”

As the camera focuses on the smoking vehicle, the repo agent can be heard accusing the ex-car owner of setting the vehicle on fire, “Straight on fire. She didn’t want us to have it, so she straight burnt this [expletive]. Look, like actively on fire.”

Originally uploaded on May 22, the video has since quickly gone viral, accumulating 173,600 views and counting, with some users going to the comment section to share their reactions.

One user commented, “Do they not realize they are still responsible for the damage?”

A second comment pointed out the flawed logic behind the owner’s decision, stating, “It doesn’t matter, she still owes on the loans. It just means she will have to repay a higher amount now that the car is going to sell for pennies.”

But not everyone agreed. A dissenting voice offered: “I’m on her side on this one. Might as well total it out so the corp can’t resell to repeat this profit cycle. Debts still there tho.’

@yungmost When you go to do a repo and this happens.. ##repo##repossession##hookandbook##towing##repoman##fypage##fypシ゚viral##crazycustomer ♬ original sound – Yung Most The Host

Another user asked, “What do you do in this scenario? What will insurance do?” @yungmost responded with insight into the repo process: “Well because we already had it repossessed we just keep it then contact the finance company and see what they want to do.”

What happens if you trash your car before repossession?

Damaging your car before repossession can have serious financial and legal implications.. According to one article, the best course of action is to cooperate: “Creditors can pass along to you the cost of repossessing your vehicle. The more difficult you make it, the more money they have to spend, and the more that could cost you if you want to retain your vehicle.”

The article further states, “If you are served with an order of replevin, a refusal to turn over the car becomes a violation of a court order, not just a refusal to cooperate with a repo man.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @yungmost via TikTok comment.

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