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The origin of the ‘Open the Door’ meme

The widespread popularity and diverse adaptations of the 'Open the Noor' meme underscores the boundless creativity of online communities


Kahron Spearman


Posted on Dec 17, 2023   Updated on Dec 13, 2023, 1:31 pm CST

The “Open the Door,” or “Open the Noor” meme originated from a Ring camera video in which a presumably drunk, older man tried to say, “Open the door,” but his slurred speech turned the phrase into “Open the noor.” The video sparked a viral sensation that captivated social media users for its unexpected humor and relatability.

Let’s take a closer look at the “Open the door” or “Open the noor” meme.

The birth of ‘Open the Noor’

In October 2022, TikToker SAMMY (@samantha_roseeeee) uploaded a video taken by her front door’s Ring camera that showed a probably drunk individual trying to get into her house saying, “Open the noor.”

@samantha_roseeeee What would you do?? 😳 #ringdoorbell #ringcamera #scary #creepy #crimetiktok #911 #openthedoor ♬ original sound – SAMMY 🧸🍒

The man’s earnest attempt to get into the house and his mispronunciation created an endearing and humorous moment that resonated with online audiences.The video quickly gained traction online, amassing around 436,300 plays and 28,000 likes within 22 days.

From Alabama to Ohio: The spread of the meme

Although the Ring video was shot in Alabama, it was later featured on a parody news segment that claimed the events in the video took place in Ohio. TikToker Jimmy Wells (@jimmywells96) aired the clip on an episode titled, “Normal Roller Coaster in Ohio … (Only in Ohio),” on his YouTube channel. Wells paired the “Open the noor” video with a clip of a young man saying, “I think it’s about time I get the f*ck out of Ohio. It’s eight in the morning. I’m just trying to have my morning coffee.”

This creative alteration played a crucial role in the meme’s spread. The video received around 21,200 views over the course of 10 days, and it became a popular TikTok sound. Other creators experimented with the trending sound, including it in lip dubs, animations, and photo slideshows.

The adaptability of “Open the noor” was crucial to it gaining such widespread popularity as it allowed creators to explore a range of funny scenarios and keep content fresh and engaging. The trend exemplified the innovative and dynamic nature of meme-making on TikTok where a simple sound can inspire diverse, creative interpretations.

As the trend continued to evolve, TikTok users began to use the platform’s green screen feature to place Samantha’s father in various amusing settings. One user made a video that had “Breaking Bad” character Walt Jr. saying the phrase.


♬ original sound – Jimmy Wells

The “Open the Noor” video struck a chord with viewers for its blend of humor and eerie vibe. The mix of reactions added depth to the meme’s appeal, and allowed it to cater to different senses of humor and online communities.

Impact and legacy of the meme

“Open the Noor” entertained a vast audience and sparked a wave of creativity across numerous social media platforms. The meme’s evolution from a simple, humorous clip to a widely recognized and versatile internet phenomenon is a testament to the influential power of social media in transforming everyday moments into iconic trends.

The widespread popularity and diverse adaptations of the “Open the Noor” meme underscores the boundless creativity of online communities and the unique way social media can amplify and celebrate humorous moments in our everyday lives.

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*First Published: Dec 17, 2023, 6:00 am CST