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‘I hope my boss doesn’t see this but am I getting laid off or’: Office worker’s desk moved to parking lot

‘Am I supposed to start job hunting?’


Charlotte Colombo


A lot has been said about “quiet quitting,” the trend of workers gradually disengaging from their job before leaving, but what about “quiet firing“? This occurs when an employer no longer wants the services of a particular employee but doesn’t fire them straight away. Instead, they might subtly and slowly push you out the door by having you train your replacement or by making the working conditions so unbearable that you decide to leave by yourself. But are bizarre office placements the future of “quiet firing”?

TikToker Mo (@morganissodumb) was left taken aback by her job in a viral video, wherein she appears to work in a normal office cubicle just for the camera to pan out and reveal that the solitary office booth is located in what looks like an abandoned car park.

“I hope my boss doesn’t see this, but am I getting laid off?” she asked in the video description.

According to Mo, her office was “relocated” due to “budget cuts.” Still, the randomness of the location caused her to feel uncertain about her future employment, as she asked viewers whether she should start job-hunting.


I hope my boss doesnt see this but am i gettinf laid off or

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But if Mo was hoping to get some clarification, she might be looking in the wrong place, as viewers were just as stumped about the reason for the relocation as she was.

Several commenters pointed out that this situation demonstrates the absurdity of banning remote working. “Anything but work from home,” one quipped, while another asked, “Why not just go remote at this point?”

“They will do anything but God forbid they work from home,” a third commenter added.

But other viewers were less concerned about the work-from-home debate and were just generally concerned.

One of the biggest questions among viewers was what would happen to Mo if it started raining, while another viewer asked, “How did they get rid of the office before getting rid of the workers?”

Meanwhile, some commenters suggested that Mo look at the bright side of things.

“They gave you an office with fresh air, that’s called a promotion,” one remarked, while another joked that this was called a “hybrid office solution.”

Mo has yet to update viewers on whether she got laid off, but at least she has a stapler. The Daily Dot reached out to Mo via TikTok direct message for more information.

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