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‘Then you walk around and people are drinking sodas’: Customer says Ross asked them to not drink water in store

‘I can’t feed my baby, that’s wild.’


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A popular couple on TikTok says they were said that Ross Dress For Less security told them they weren’t allowed to drink water or feed their baby in the store.

“We love ROSS but WTF IS UP with this!?” the text overlay on TikToker Shelly & Rob’s (@shellyrob9719) video read.

“I’m f*cking aggravated,” Rob starts the video, which was viewed 223,000 times. “Shelly loves coming to this place, Ross. Now, today we’re walking in, and the security guard upfront stops us and tells us she can’t have anything to drink.”

Shelly, who is holding their baby, chimes in to say she was just holding a water bottle. Rob says their baby, Josiah, started “screaming” but that the workers didn’t allow the couple to “feed him in here because there’s no drinking allowed.”

The couple does admit there was a sign out front, which Rob documented in the video, that read: “No eating, drinking, smoking or soliciting.” The couple notes the sign was rather obscured to the incoming customers.

“I can’t feed my baby, that’s wild,” Shelly says.

“But then you walk around and people are drinking sodas and waters, like, did we just get pin-pointed for no reason? I don’t know—are we wrong here?” Rob adds.

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Viewers seemed to confirm that Ross is selective when enforcing the “no drinking” rule.

“I go to Ross with Starbucks all the time,” one user wrote.

“Lmao I’ve eaten a subway sandwich in Ross before,” another said.

Shelly and Rob, who has over 150,000 followers, were shopping at a location in Florida. Some TikTokers couldn’t believe they weren’t allowed to drink water considering the heat that’s been impacting the state. “I legit can’t stand that. Idk if you guys are dealing with the same heatwave but it’s been over 100° in south FL, they can’t deny you feeding your kid,” one TikToker said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Shelly & Rob and Ross Dress for Less via email for comment.      

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