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‘I think I’m gonna head out, too’: New hire quits job right after another co-worker quits during training

'I am not coming back to this job.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Mar 30, 2023

A popular TikTok creator had nearly everyone on a training call cracking up as she quit her job between bursts of laughter.

At the beginning of Jessica’s (@thisisjessicarose) video, she’s seen in a business casual outfit attending a virtual training. Viewers can hear the low voice of the job trainer stating that one of the trainees left the class early and presumably quit.

“I just gotta be honest. I think imma head out too,” Jessica says, shocking everyone on the call.

She goes on to explain that Anna, the trainer, and the class were great, but she just doesn’t think the job is for her.

“I am quitting,” she says.

The entire time Jessica is stifling a laugh, seemingly from nervousness. The video goes on like this for two minutes. Jessica’s own reaction to the situation and her continued laughter ends up being quite contagious, with her classmates laughing along too.

“Jessica, are you serious?” a former colleague asks in disbelief. “That’s like a 12th grader dropping out of school,” another says, indicating that the onboarding program was almost complete.

“She has kids to feed,” a different colleague says. But Jessica assures them that her child is going to be fine.

This is when all the silliness really emerges. Jessica starts promoting her social media accounts and business. She plugs her site,, where she says the single moms on the call can purchase a cup that says “Baby Daddy Tears.” She also sells an ebook on how to make money on social media.

“She’s advertising?! I’m dead,” a former colleague says.

“She quitting and doing commercials at the same time,” a commenter added.


that one time i quit my job 😂

♬ original sound – thisisjessicarose

The trainer doesn’t quite seem to believe Jessica is quitting in the middle of the call so Jessica once again, and between boisterous laughter, says, “I’m dead-ass serious Anna, I am not coming back to this job.” She adds that she’ll let the recruiter know she’s leaving and thanks the trainer for her time.

“I’m sorry y’all, this has never happened to me at all. Damn, this is crazy,” the recruiter seems to say.

The video has more than 1.3 million views and over 5,860 comments in less than a day of posting. Jessica referred to the video as, “Your sign to quit your job.”

“The continuous laughter is killing me everyone in a frenzy and you just laughing,” one commenter wrote.

“As a fellow trainer I would CRY if multiple new hires quit during new hire training but I get it, no sense in moving forward if it doesn’t feel ok,” another shared.

In a follow-up video, Jessica, who has more than 420,000 TikTok followers, explains that going through the training revealed to her that a traditional job is not what she wants. She prefers to do something that allows her to be creative and she knew she could make a solid income with online content creation and other small business models if she actually committed to putting in the time and discipline.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jessica via email.

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*First Published: Mar 30, 2023, 8:57 am CDT