Car dealership worker shares why you should never test drive a car at a dealership

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‘They do this on purpose’: Car salesperson shares why you should never test drive a car at a dealership

‘That new car smell gets me every time.’


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Taking a potential new automobile purchase for a test run makes the same sense as trying on a pair of new jeans before you buy them. It seems like a no-brainer.

But you might want to pump the brakes on taking a test drive before you buy.

TikTok user and car dealership worker Ash (@ashxautos) has some strong opinions about car ownership and she’s taking aim at the commonly accepted wisdom that you should drive a vehicle before you buy it.

She took to social media with her latest hot tip in a video posted on May 28. The video currently has 7,012 views on TikTok as of Monday.

“Never ever ever test drive a car at a dealership,” Ash tells her viewers at the outset of the video. “The only reason the dealership wants you to drive that car is so you can fall in love with it and take mental ownership.”

She says, “They want you to form an emotional connection with the car so you’ll be so excited you’ll just say yes to whatever they say.”

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In the comments section, one viewer agreed writing, “That new car smell gets me every time. Guilty.”

Ash responded, “Never get used to it.”

Should you test drive a car?

U.K. Car subscription service Tomorrow’s Journey agreed with Ash on the importance of getting a customer to bond emotionally with a potential new vehicle.

“Test drives offer the opportunity for potential buyers to seek the opinions and feedback of others, whether it be the salesperson, friends, or even online reviews. Positive social proof can reinforce the emotional attachment to the vehicle and increase the likelihood of purchase.,” they wrote in October of last year.

However, several of Ash’s viewers disagreed with her advice.

Viewer Rh102294 (@rh102294) wrote, “Test drive the car, leave the dealership, do research on the numbers, call several dealerships negotiate, and make them an offer over the phone. If they say no, keep looking.”

“Nah, I’ve test-driven cars before. You just have to learn to say no and walk away if it’s not what you are after.,” another viewer offered.

Another commented, “I’m always willing to walk away, I’ll def [be] test driving it.”

According to Endurance Warranty, there are several benefits to test-driving a vehicle you are thinking about buying. These include testing a vehicle’s performance and handling, confirming the car’s condition, and just seeing if the vehicle is a good fit for you.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Ash via email for further comment.

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