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‘My mental health was hanging by a thread’: Ulta customer shares why you should never get your haircut there

'Even great clips has never done me that dirty.'


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Posted on Apr 11, 2024   Updated on Apr 10, 2024, 12:13 pm CDT

An Ulta customer shared why you should never get your haircut there by posting the results of her haircut.

Ally (@allyrooker) has reached over 493,000 views and 58,000 likes on her TikTok by the publication of this story. She’s previously made headlines for calling out well-known brands. In October, she went viral for sharing how the clothes at Old Navy and other retailers have gone down in quality over the years. Shortly after, she called out The North Face after getting soaked in one of the brand’s “waterproof” rain jackets.

In this latest viral clip, she added an on-screen caption that says, “don’t impulsively get your haircut at Ulta.”

To start the video, she asks the audience, “Do you ever walk into an Ulta and see the haircutting place, and you’re like, ‘Who gets their haircut at an Ulta?'”

“I did,” she says, “and I’m going to show you what this woman at Ulta did.”

Before adding a photo to her video using the green-screen filter, Ally says, “You’re not prepared. I promise you, you’re not prepared.”

The photo Ally took of the back of her hair was taken in a mirror after she got home from her appointment at Ulta. As she zooms in on the photo, she says, “I can laugh about it now, but when I tell you my mental health was hanging by a thread.”

Ally explains that she decided to straighten her hair once she got home from her appointment because the stylist had curled it.

“She cut it and styled it curly so I couldn’t tell what she had done,” she says. “When I got home and straightened it, oh my god.”

The back of Ally’s hair seemingly had two very different sharp layers and did not look even.

“I tipped this woman,” Ally adds. “I tipped this woman 20%.”

Ally says she wore her hair up in a clip for six months because “there was nothing else” she could do.

She captioned her video, “beware of the Allen Park Michigan Ulta salon.”

@allyrooker beware of the allen park michigan ulta salon 😂😂😂#greenscreen #haircut #ulta #haircuttransformation ♬ original sound – Ally

A viewer with a similar experience left a comment saying, “They charged me $400 for a balayage. Never again.”

“I’ve had some of my best and some of my worst haircuts at Ulta, it’s so hit or miss,” a second writes. “I got my hair dyed there once and the stylist was fired because it turned out so bad.”

Another adds, “I just had to cut off all my hair because I asked for soft layers!! I received two different haircuts on my head.”

If you’re unhappy with your hair, Kate, the professional hairstylist behind The Small Things beauty blog, recommends calling the salon to talk to the manager or owner.

“In an ideal situation, you would be offered a free service to try to make adjustments to get closer to what you were expecting,” Kate says. “But it all depends on the salon’s policies and each individual situation.”

On the Beauty Services Page of its website, Ulta states, “Your best look. Our promise.” However, the website does not seem to have a policy on how the company handles unsatisfied salon customers.

The Daily Dot reached out to Ally and Ulta via email for more information.

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*First Published: Apr 11, 2024, 2:00 am CDT