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‘The moment you said CVS I knew it was over’: Woman warns against getting film photos developed at CVS. Here’s why

'I miss when Costco had photo labs.'


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Posted on Mar 6, 2024   Updated on Mar 5, 2024, 5:42 pm CST

One woman says you should never trust CVS with your photos.

In a viral video that has amassed over 1.4 million views, TikToker Mikayla Geier (@mikaylageier) shared why she believes no one should use the store’s photo-developing services.

“Do not give your photos to CVS,” read an on-screen caption.

The story she shared underscored why she says no one should hand over their photos to the store.

“I’m rarely a hater, but let me be a hater for just one second,” she began in the clip.

Mikayla then said she dropped her disposable camera at the store so her photos could be developed.

“When I dropped them off, I was like, ‘Hey, do I need a receipt or anything?'” she continued.

She was allegedly told she would not need a receipt, but she said she decided to take a photo of it anyway.

“I’m not a fool, and I trust no one,” she said about her decision to snap the receipt photo.

Still, she expected she would receive her photos with no problem.

“We’re gonna call you when it’s ready,” a worker reportedly assured.

Instead, Geier said weeks passed without her being contacted. She added that after she contacted the store, she was told it would take between four to six weeks for her photos to be ready.

“Six weeks passed, still no photos,” she continued.

The woman said she called the store yet again and, this time, was questioned about the receipt she was allegedly told she would not need.

“We can’t help you unless you have your receipt,” a worker reportedly told her.

Fortunately, the woman said she had the photo she took of the bill.

I find the photo, I give them all the information they need, then they put me on hold,” she said.

Geier said no one ever returned to the line, so she hung up.

She said she decided to go to the store in person to demand answers about her photos. That’s when she was reportedly informed the store did not have them.

“I didn’t really think she looked too hard,” Geier said.


never again 💀

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So, Geier said she asked to look through the store’s boxes of photos herself. She reported that another customer was struggling to locate their photos at the same time.

“I swear to God, CVS photos are a scam,” she said.

The woman said she finally found an envelope with her name on it after digging through the boxes of photos.

There was just one big problem: The store had not sent out the camera so the photos could be developed.

“I literally yelled out, ‘You guys never sent my camera off,'” the woman reported.

Ultimately, Geier said she was grateful her private property was not lost and asked for help finding a store to develop her pictures.

In the comments section, viewers offered up recommendations.

“Film lab worker here,” user Mol wrote. “Take them to a local film lab in the future!”

“Nahhhhh I’m calling corporate. Also go to a local film lab,” another viewer added.

“There have to be lots of film labs in LA that are ‘mom and pop’ type that develop in house not ship out the film just Google film lab,” user Sam wrote.

The Daily Dot contacted Mikayla and CVS via email for comment and further information.

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*First Published: Mar 6, 2024, 2:00 am CST