Shopper finds Modelo cans at 99 Cents store, viewers say it tastes ‘off’

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‘Tried it… beer taste off for some reason’: Shopper finds Modelo cans at 99 Cents store, viewers say it tastes ‘off’

‘It taste like broken windows.’


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A 99 Cents Only Stores customer went viral on TikTok after sharing that he found unopened Modelo cans at the discount retail giant. 

FOOS BE LIKE (@thispaisa323), a California-based creator, posted the video showcasing the deal in question. While the TikTok user was delighted with his find, he questioned whether customers should be suspicious. 

“When did the 99 cents store start selling this?” he questioned in the text overlay.


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The Daily Dot has reached out to @thispaisa323 via TikTok comment and to 99 Cents Only Stores by email. As of Tuesday morning, the creator’s video flaunting the beers displayed on the store’s shelves had over 693,200 views. 

Reactions to the video varied. Some of the top-liked comments, for instance, raised an eyebrow to the cheap cans of Modelo. 

“Tried it… beer taste off for some reason,” one user wrote. 

“It taste like broken windows,” another echoed.

“def gonna have bubble guts,” a third viewer said.

Others pointed out that storing beer on an unrefrigerated shelf—as it’s shown in the video—is hardly ideal. 

“If beer goes hot to cold to hot again, bad taste,” one person said.

“if you take them out the fridge and leave them out in warm temperature they go bad,” another echoed.

Indeed, according to Binwise, beer will only last for about 30 days at 72 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, it said, there’s a pretty good chance your suds will taste off. In any case, customers probably won’t put themselves in danger by drinking warm beer. America’s Test Kitchen previously reported that the organic compounds that make beer taste good break down over time. “Even when its flavor is declining,” it wrote, “it can be perfectly safe to drink.”

But even if the beer did taste off, some people felt that the deal was a good one.

“I want this in mass,” one viewer said. 

“Don’t block your blessing,” another added.

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