Woman orders a mocktail for her 12-year-old, server brings out spiked drink

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‘This waitress needs to be fired’: Woman orders a mocktail for her 12-year-old, server brings out spiked drink

'You are 100 in the right.'


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Posted on Feb 16, 2024   Updated on Feb 15, 2024, 3:24 pm CST

TikToker Brynn Chilson (@originalbchillmama) shared a hard-to-believe moment with her 38,000 followers. Her 12-year-old was served an alcoholic beverage after ordering off the mocktail menu. 

The TikTok was viewed  220,300 times. The video opens with Brynn filming herself in conversation with a server. The camera focuses on Brynn, while her children, another adult, and the server are off-screen. Overlaid text reads: “I got so much hate and need to defend myself.”

“I’m not really happy because you almost gave a 12-year-old an alcoholic drink,” she says to the server, who claims she took the drink back. 

“I know, but you would have to ID her or anything for her to even order!” Brynn is visibly upset and perplexed how such a mistake could happen. 

She goes on to remind the server that they ordered off the mocktail menu. The server explains that the mocktail menu has an option to spike the drink. Brynn says she did not spike the drink and notes, again, that if she did choose to spike the drink, her child should have been ID’d.

The video cuts to a stitch of Brynn in her home, talking directly to the camera. 

In the follow-up, which is stitched to her original video, Brynn provides more context as to why her child ordered a mocktail in the first place. Her child, she says, wanted a lemonade like her younger sibling, who received a lemonade slushie with a kids’ meal. Brynn let her older daughter choose a mocktail—in this case, a flavored lemonade—so she could have a flavored lemonade as well. 

Brynn explains that when the drink arrived, she felt like something was off. She recalls saying to her daughter with concern, “‘Oh, that looks fancy.'” 

She describes the interaction that followed. “The server said to my 12-year-old, … ‘You wanted alcohol in that, right?’ … Still fully believing that my 12-year-old, who does not look 21, wanted alcohol in her drink!” She says she was astonished the server did not take the chance to immediately rectify the situation.

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Brynn created the follow-up video to address the plethora of judgmental comments she received on her original video, which has since been deleted. Brynn claims she had to delete the video to protect her mental health from the commenters who judged her parenting choices and called her a bad mom. 

She also had to deal with accusations that she posted the video to humiliate the server or to have her 15 minutes of fame. “People are are like people make mistakes. … Um, that is an illegal mistake!” Brynn shares with exasperation. 

Brynn shares that the reason for posting the video is much more personal. “I lost my mom to alcohol,” she shares. She says her intention was to warn people who might lose their sobriety.

Comments on her follow-up video were mostly positive, unlike the first video.

“As a bartender I can tell you that you should ALWAYS go with the assumption of NO alcohol and if you aren’t sure or ask for clarity that it is a mocktail” @meeeshaa_ shared. 

“You are 100 in the right. Non alcoholic drinks should have zero alcohol. Period,” @awwflapjacks wrote. That resonated with viewers; the comment was liked over 2,000 times. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Brynn via TikTok direct message. 

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*First Published: Feb 16, 2024, 4:00 am CST