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‘There are some failure codes’: Mercedes-Benz GLC driver can’t believe what dealership tells her. She’s not alone

‘Mercedes is so cute but the problems they have are ugly.’


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A Mercedes-Benz GLC driver recently went viral after sharing the myriad problems with her vehicle, thousands of which were recently recalled

In a nearly two-minute video, Milah (@damilahzari) said that she was experiencing problems with the car before the recall, and that the dealership offered little to no help. As of Tuesday afternoon, her TikTok explaining her predicament had more than 162,900 views. 

What’s wrong with the driver’s Mercedes? 

Milah conceded that the car is “very pretty,” but that she started to notice problems with it in November, just five months after she purchased it. 

“My driver display screen [and] my entertainment screen,” she said, “would black out.” When this happened, she said “all of my alarms would go off.” At first, Milah said, this would happen somewhat sporadically. 

“Then it became a little bit more frequent,” she said. She clarified that she dealt with this issue several times per week. 

Can the Mercedes dealership do anything?

Eventually, Milah said that her engine light came on and that she decided to take the car to the dealership. But she said that workers there weren’t too helpful.

“They were basically like, ‘There are some failure codes. Problem is the repair is not available,’” she said. To make matters worse, Milah said the dealership didn’t know when a repair would become available.

That led Milah to escalate the situation. However, she said she was told that the only option available was to submit for a buyback.

“I submitted the buyback for the car [on] March 11,” Milah said. “It is now May. I have not heard [anything].” 

Said she’s called every week—if not more frequently—to try and get in touch with someone who can help her understand what’s wrong with her car. But then she received more bad news about the Mercedes-Benz GLC: Certain models, including the one she purchased, had been recalled.

“On top of the issues I was already having, there was some malfunctioning part that is on the recall and they want me to bring the car in,” Milah said. She ended her video with a PSA to viewers. “Although this car is very pretty, please save yourself the time and the money so you don’t end up like me.”

What do Mercedes drivers make of this?

In the comments, a number of viewers agreed that Mercedes’ quality had decreased over the years. 

“Mercedes is so cute but the problems they have are ugly,” one woman wrote. 

“Mercedes is not the same Mercedes brand our parents drove,” another said. 

“Don’t buy any of these new Mercs,” a third person advised. 

Instead, some encouraged Milah to look into other luxury brands.

@damilahzari Replying to @R i think i’m just going to get a Honda because I’ve really had it with Mercedes Benz. I truly just want an update. #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #mercedes #mercedesbenz #2023mercedes #glc #glc300 ♬ original sound – Milah

“BMW has been my favorite car hands down,” one person shared. 

“I drive a Lexus,” another said. “Highly recommend.”

“Get Lexus and u will be good for life,” a third commenter echoed. 

On Reddit, drivers reported similar issues. As one wrote: “I have 2023 that replaced a 2021 450e. The 2023 has 650 miles on it. In the last three months it’s been in the shop at least a month and 3 of the 5 issues remain unfixed. The dealer appears to be trying to fix issues but has had to rely on the GermanyMB to fix.

Issues are: back window won’t close (drops mid way when closing) Stalls on left turns has never completely stopped but has made it difficult to turn Oil needs change message appears even though it’s not yet required by miles or time (fixed) Satellite radio doesn’t work (fixed) In cabin oderizer doesn’t work (parts ordered)

They pick it up again Monday but I think it’s time to lemon law it. I ordered this car late 2021 and waited 18 months for it and it’s been a terrible experience. This is my 6th MB and my last. Not sure what to replace bc it with yet.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Milah via TikTok comment and to Mercedes-Benz by email.

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