Mercari customers can’t believe what new update does

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‘They tried to play it off like it was something good’: Mercari customers can’t believe what new update does

'eBay would NEVER.'


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Posted on Mar 30, 2024   Updated on Apr 8, 2024, 1:42 pm CDT

In a TikTok video that has captivated nearly 600,000 viewers, Michael (@mutsurd) dissects a recent and divisive policy update from the online marketplace Mercari with a critical eye.

He begins with a stark warning, “The online marketplace Mercari just put out the absolute worst terms of service update that they’ve ever done and tried to play it off like it was something good.”

This introduction sets the stage for a thorough critique of changes many sellers perceive as shifting to their detriment.

Michael’s dismay is palpable as he notes the lack of advance notice for these changes, “This email arrived today and it takes effect today, so straight out of the gate, already a negative sign that they don’t even forewarn you.” The sense of immediacy and the absence of a grace period for sellers to adapt underline the crux of his discontent.

One of the headline features of the update—a 0% selling fee for new listings—is met with skepticism by Michael. “They’re the first online marketplace to ever do this, but this only applies to brand new listings,” he explains, highlighting that items already listed are not eligible for this supposed benefit and remain subject to a 10% fee. He critically assesses the purported disadvantage, “The reason why it’s not actually a good thing is because they’re just transferring this fee over to the buyer because now the buyer is getting charged a service fee and they’re getting charged a payment processing fee.”

The TikToker is especially critical of the new, expansive return policy: “And this is the worst part of the update: Buyers will be able to return items for any reason.” He articulates scenarios where this policy could be exploited, diminishing the value of sold items or facilitating their temporary use and return—potentially leaving sellers significantly out of pocket.

Furthermore, Michael points out another financial sting for sellers: “And finally, if you want to cash out the money that you earned on Mercari, they’re going to charge you $2, no matter what.” This cash-out fee adds insult to injury in what he portrays as a series of changes designed more to benefit the platform than its users.

Commenters were equally dismayed by Mercari’s changes. “Picking between Depop or Mercari is like picking the lesser of two evils,” said one person.

“I was finally actually getting my stuff to sell on Mercari, and now they’ve gone and messed it up with these new terms,” said one dissuaded commenter. “I’m also not going to be buying from people anymore because of the fees.”

Adding on, one person wrote, “This is so disappointing. I love shopping on Mercari, but I’ll just move elsewhere. Additional fees are of no interest to me.”

“That refund policy alone is a shady enough reason to stop using Mercari ffs,” said one exasperated commenter. “eBay would NEVER.”

Michael responded: “Right, us sellers aren’t a chain retail store, why should we have to take no questions asked returns?”

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Another TikTok noted that simply delisting your items wholesale—to evade the cancellation fees—isn’t currently possible, though you can put your account on vacation mode, which essentially freezes it.

Michael provides a compelling and detailed critique of Mercari’s policy update, painting a picture of a marketplace that, in his view, places increasing burdens on its sellers. His analysis resonates with a broad audience, igniting a conversation on the balance between platform policies and user interests in the competitive online marketplace.

The Daily Dot contact Michael via TikTok comment and Mercari via email.

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*First Published: Mar 30, 2024, 7:00 pm CDT