Walmart shopper confronts men after she catches them leaning on her car

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‘You pay the car note on that?’: Walmart shopper confronts men after she catches them leaning on her car

‘Not them having a full meeting on your car.’


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You’d figure some people would have enough sense to avoid touch something that doesn’t belong to them. However, some individuals out there who think it’s all right to lean on someone else’s car, much to the chagrin of one Walmart shopper. Zary (@zaryunaa) shared a clip on TikTok of her confronting two car leaners in the big-box store’s parking lot.

Maybe the duo were wearing jeans with rivets on them that could scratch the paint. Or maybe they had claggy bottoms that hadn’t been properly washed, you wouldn’t want them squishing that thing all over your whip. Or maybe, you just flat-out don’t want someone draping their body all over your property. Whatever the reason, Zary wasn’t happy.

As she walked to her vehicle after shopping at Walmart, she noticed there were two men standing near her whip. One of the guys in the video was leaning on her vehicle.

As she approaches the men, she calls them out on their behavior, her phone recording the entire time. “I just wanna know. You pay, you pay the car note on that?” Zary can be heard asking from behind the camera.

One of the men responds in what sounds like a confused manner.

“You pay the car note on that?” She asks again. The man replies to her and it sounds like he tells her that it isn’t his car.

“I know cause it’s mine,” she tells the man, who then apologizes for hanging around her vehicle. “Oh, OK, I thought you was trying to pay a bill or something.”

The man and his friend laugh as they walk off-camera to a different part of the parking lot.

Zary noted in the caption just how upset she was to see the men leaning on her vehicle: “Like why are yall leaning on my car in walmart parking lot!!!! my baby? MY CAR!!”

Several TikTokers expressed how much they enjoyed how Zary handled the situation, but there were also folks who gave props to the men for not getting defensive after she approached them.

One user applauded that they immediately acknowledged they understood where the woman was coming from: “Bro said “no, its her car” & fell out laughing he understood, i love us.”

Others wondered what the nature of the meeting between the two men in the parking lot was in the first place.

“The man in the green was trying to sell him something, they always doing that n the parking lot & they stopped on my car,” one viewer speculated.

But for the most part, folks found the entire situation comedic.

“Not them having a full meeting on your car,” one laughed.

Another person shared how they were able to handle a similar situation: “I turned on my alarm one time.”

@zaryunaa like why are yall leaning on my car in walmart parking lot!!!! my baby? MY CAR!! 😂 dpmo #walmartfinds #walmart #fypage #foryou #comdey #funny ♬ original sound – ZARY

Zary isn’t the only person who’s taken to social media in order to blast the practice of folks sitting on other people’s cars. In a post uploaded to Reddit’s r/rant sub, one person derided the practice of leaning or sitting on strangers’ cars.

“I just can’t believe that this has to be said,” they wrote. “Don’t sit on people’s cars. Whatever reasoning you might have, i honestly don’t care. Unless you’re having a heart attack or something, don’t f*cking sit on people’s cars! It’s simple, honestly. You can sit on your own car. Up to you. But not mine. Not other people’s. A car bonnet is not a public bench.”

This user said that every time they leave work, they notice people sitting on their car. When he calls them out, the people in question aren’t apologetic about it. The irate car owner went on to say that they’ve even tried the car alarm trick themselves to scare folks off their car, but that people end up spitting on his vehicle as a result.

Folks on this LX forum also called out this same practice, questioning why this seems to be such a common practice. One user chalked it up to folks just being “selfish” and “oblivious” of their surroundings.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Zary via TikTok comment for further information.

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