Mechanic shares signs your transmission is failing

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‘Mine has been doing this for 5 years’: Mechanic shares signs your transmission is failing

‘This happened in my Altima before the transmission went out.’


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Having something break on a car is a stressful experience. Unless you know how to fix the issue promptly, you could be left without a ride for days or even weeks or months, given the recent rash of issues sourcing car parts.

Additionally, the cost of repairing a car is increasing. While AAA estimates that a car costs around $66 per month to maintain, fixing a more dramatic issue can lead to incredible sums. For example, one Jeep driver alleged that they spent $4k in repairs and associated costs within the first six weeks of owning their vehicle. Another driver claimed she was quoted almost $800 to replace an $80 part.

Given just how devastating issues like these can be, it’s important to look out for signs of your car having problems before they get substantially worse. Now, a user on TikTok says they have a method for determining whether your transmission is failing.

How to check if your transmission is failing

In a video with over 2 million views as of Saturday, the TikTok account for Austin, Texas’ Genuine Automotive says that, if you’re experiencing this one thing, “you might be having a transmission failing.”

“If you’re pushing on the accelerator and if you have a tachometer, and the tachometer is going up and you can hear your engine revving, but you’re not accelerating,” that might be a sign of a failing transmission, the mechanic says.

“The other way is if you’re accelerating hard, you can hear your engine revving up if you don’t have a tachometer, but you’re not feeling the acceleration as well in correlation with you’re pushing the gas pedal,” he continues.

A new transmission is not cheap. Kelley Blue Book estimates that “you can expect to pay an average of $2,900 – $7,100 for a new transmission.” That said, the actual price you’re likely to pay can vary wildly based on the specifics of one’s issues, so it’s important to get an assessment from a trusted mechanic.


Signs that your vehicle may be experiencing transmission failure

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Commenters aren’t sure

While this mechanic’s advice may be solid, commenters say that this issue doesn’t necessarily mean that your car is on its last legs.

“Mine has been doing this for 5 years,” a user said.

“I have a cvt so this is normal,” added another.

“I had an issue with accelerating but it was because my fuel pump was failing,” offered a third. “Once I got it replaced it’s back to normal accelerating.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Genuine Automotive via its website contact form.

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