Mechanic reveals the No. 1 problem he sees with Nissans

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‘It’s such a common issue’: Mechanic reveals the No. 1 problem he sees with Nissans

'They use to be dependable.'


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Posted on Feb 24, 2024   Updated on Feb 24, 2024, 3:59 pm CST

While some may associate Nissan with a certain type of driver, such as blaring loud music or speeding down the highway, according to the TikTok account for Accurate Automotive (@accurateautoinc), the ire towards Nissans should be geared more toward the common mechanical issues.

In a clip, a cameraman walks up to a mechanic and asks him for his two cents regarding the most recurring problems he notices with Nissan vehicles: “Ryan what are some common issues with Nissans?”

Ryan dishes on the Japanese auto-brand, replying, “CVT transmissions.”

In the clip, the cameraman decides to head over to another mechanic and asks him a similar question: “What are some common issues with Nissans?”

The auto worker takes a second, and mulls it over before reying, “That it’s a Nissan.”

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Another person in the shop gets grilled on their thoughts about Nissans and like Ryan, he states that CVT transmission problems appear to be a major culprit in many owners’ gripes against the brand.

This is a sentiment echoed by another auto worker who laughs after hearing the question and immediately calls out Nissan’s “transmission problems,” adding, “their CVT transmissions suck…suck,” he says twice.

The next mechanic also trashed the Japanese car maker’s transmissions: “You can expect the CVT transmission failure with a Nissan.”

“Their CVTs fail a lot,” another mechanic says in the video as he exits a vehicle he’s working on before nodding to the camera.

The workers’ repetitive muses reference the variable transmission employed by the manufacturer that uses a system of two pulleys and a belt to shift gears instead of fixed gears in more traditional transmissions.

These automatic CVTs have been the subject of debate in countless forum posts: some on Reddit have argued that they aren’t all that bad, just as long as the owner is constantly replacing transmission fluid every 30,000 miles or so.

And then there was a certified technician on who didn’t mince words about Nissan’s CVTs, stating that it is “quite possibly the worst transmission ever built.” He wrote that they’ve been notoriously prone to failure even fresh off of the dealership lot and as a result, have become the subject of various lawsuits.

It appears that other folks in the comments section of the TikTok also had their own issues with the brand’s CVTs.

“Me currently with my Nissan at the shop bc of it having issues with the CVT transmission,” someone wrote.

Another person penned that their Nissan ended up costing them a pretty penny in repairs for, writing, “Me watching this after replacing the CVT Transmission and Wiring Harness for 5k+.”

However, others swore by the brand in the comments section of the video, stating that they’ve never had any major problems with the Nissans they’ve owned.

“I’ve had Multiple Nissans, And they’ve all been great,” one quipped. “I’ve never had any issues with my CVT Transmission.”

“My Nissan is a 2018 and still no issue with cvt transmission,” another echoed.

“Cvt transmission? naa mine is hitting 200k without any issues, trans still serviceable,” one said. {“I do it every 80k.”

Nissan’s overall business hasn’t been doing so hot: In 2020, the company lost a whopping $4.1 billion, which could be attributed to what is perceived by consumers to be a lack of innovation or the brand’s inability to create cars people actually wanted to buy and drive.

The company was torched by Reddit users for sticking to outdated infotainment systems with low-resolution backup cameras, even on its higher-end Infiniti offerings as recently as 2019, while other cars, like base Tesla Model 3, were packing in technology that made Nissan’s user interfaces look prehistoric by comparison.

In the same thread, car enthusiasts trashed the brand for not creating any compelling designs and it doesn’t look like the company’s fortunes are getting any better heading into 2024.

Reuters reported that the manufacturer saw the “biggest plunge” in share prices in 20 years: “Shares in Nissan Motor tumbled 12% on Friday, their biggest decline in more than two decades, after quarterly earnings undershot expectations by a large margin and it cut estimates for car sales due to stiff competition in China,” the outlet wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Nissan via email and Accurate Auto via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Feb 24, 2024, 4:00 pm CST