Mechanic blasts customer with dirty car

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‘And this guy thinks we’re working on his car!?’: Mechanic blasts customer with dirty car

'There's roaches in this guy's car! All over the place!'


Phil West


Posted on Sep 14, 2023

Even though mechanics may routinely get their hands dirty they have standards too. And there can even be cars that are just too dirty for them to work on as proven by a recent viral video.

The video comes from TikTok creator @stormchasermatt, horrifying many on TikTok to the tune of more than 948,000 views in just a day since going up on the platform on Wednesday.

In the video, a car is shown that’s filled with trash. Viewers can hear the narrator mutter the phrase ”Unh-unh. F*ck this.”

The on-screen caption elaborates on this theme, noting, “Holy sh*t and this guy thinks we’re working on his car!? F*CK no.”

@stormchasermatt How do you let your car get like this? I SAT IN THIS CAR (for a few seconds) I swear I can feel fhe roaches on me🤢🤮 #mechaniclife #techniciansoftiktok #trash ♬ original sound – Stormchaser Matt

“That ain’t happenin’,” the creator asserts, before doing a double take at the presence of bugs.

Upon further inspection, he realizes, “There’s roaches in this guy’s car! All over the place!”

Then, with exasperation, he adds, “How do you let it get like this?”

Bugs could be spotted crawling in the car among left over food and trash.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment. Commenters chimed in with their own baffled and disgusted reactions.

“That’s a biohazard dawg,” one person remarks.

“Exactly, the down payment for me to even get started on that would be $1,250,” says another commenter.

“Imagine his house,” someone else offers.

This apparently wasn’t the only dirty car out there that a mechanic’s encountered. One reports in the comments, “Had to work on a old lady’s car who had 4 cats living in it, the car was the litter box.”

The video led some people to report on the state of their cars.

One commenter shars, “Okay and I [thought] my car was messy (two jackets in the back, a shaker bottle on the floor and receipts in my cup holder).”

Another person assesses, “Suddenly my water bottles look fine.”

One person says they appreciate the perspective the video offers, saying, “I always think I’m a messy person and then something like this reminds me I’m doing pretty good.”

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*First Published: Sep 14, 2023, 9:54 pm CDT