Former McDonald's corporate chef reveals why McDonald's doesn't serve 'well done' hash browns

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‘They are far superior’: Former McDonald’s corporate chef reveals why McDonald’s doesn’t serve ‘well-done’ hash browns

'Same with chick fil a waffle fries!'


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Posted on Oct 3, 2023

Former McDonald’s corporate Chef Mike Haracz (@chefmikeharacz) is divulging even more insider knowledge about the operations of the popular fast food chain’s decisions when it comes to its offerings, and this time he’s explaining why folks who prefer that their breakfast potatoes come out a bit on the crispier side could be left out in the cold.

There have been several TikTokers who’ve hopped on the application urging folks to order their hash browns well-done, stating that the extra cooking time results in a much more satisfying potato offering, and Haracz agrees in a viral video he posted on the topic.

The former Mickey D’s chef goes on to say that folks need to specify that they want their hash browns cooked well-done and explains that there’s a very simple reason why this isn’t the norm for the franchise.

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Haracz says in the clip: “Well-done hash browns. I’m a former McDonald’s corporate chef, and I have answers to why McDonald’s would not just serve the far superior well-done hash browns all the time. So it’s kinda going viral that they are in fact, better, and I agree 1,000% but you go ahead and order them and try them and let me know what you think. But why wouldn’t McDonald’s wanna serve this all the time. I have the answer for you.”

Haracz then divulges the dirt as to why the crunchier hash brown variant isn’t always an option for Mickey D’s devotees. As is usually the case, it all boils down to kitchen operational procedures.

“It has to do with fast food business model,” he says. “So most fast food restaurants wanna serve as many people as possible as quickly as possible. And if any of you out there have worked a hash brown station at McDonald’s you know that sometimes it gets backed up quite a bit. So what’s a great way to serve more people quicker? Just reduce the cook time of the hash brown.”

The TikToker then goes on to indicate that the increased cooking time of the hash browns would ultimately slow the roll of serving the fried potato offering to customers, despite the fact that there are many folks who prefer them crunchy: “Even if there’s a slight negative effect on the overall light, appearance, flavor, texture of the hash brown. Because people are still gonna order it, people are still gonna buy it, some folks might complain a little bit, but they can serve a whole lot more people in that breakfast time frame than if they cook them well-done. They are willing to let people think like… ‘Yeah you should do it a little better, it could be better but I’m still gonna order it.’ That’s perfectly fine for McDonald’s as long as they can serve you quickly. So go ahead, go in there, and ask for well-done hash browns cause they are far superior, and maybe McDonald’s will start making that a regular thing, but probably not.”

Commenters didn’t seem all too surprised by Haracz’s response. “The answer to almost every ‘Why does McDonald’s…’ is either time or money,” one person wrote.

Another user shared their own experience making hash browns for the chain back when they were an employee, writing that they had a scar from doing so: “This brought back memories of rushing on hashbrowns, flipping the hot basket cover onto my forearm, and having a scar for YEARS.”

Someone thought that this approach may prove to be counter-productive for locations looking to save time on orders. “But doesn’t it slow it down even more doing it this way? since when someone orders well done it sets them back an entire batch?” they asked.

Another person said that they weren’t the type of McDonald’s customer to order them regardless of how well-done, or not, they were. “I stopped going to the McDonalds down the street because they where making their hashbrowns medium rare. I assume they pull them early being so busy,” the user wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Haracz and McDonald’s via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Oct 3, 2023, 8:09 am CDT