McDonald's fries (l) Young woman crying with caption 'when you just accepted McDonald's new terms and conditions without reading bc you wanted your free fries w $1 purchase coupon' (c) McDonald's chicken nuggets (r)

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‘Signed my life away for some nuggets’: McDonald’s customer doesn’t read fine print for app because she wants free fries with $1 purchase, regrets it

'The way I accepted and didn’t even think about what it was till I saw this video.'


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Posted on Oct 30, 2023

A new set of terms and conditions for the McDonald’s app is irking some customers, including one who is contending that she “signed [her] life away for some nuggets.”

The TikTok video adding to the conversation comes from creator Ari (@lunx.ari), getting more than 3.3 million views as of Monday. In it, Ari uses a clip of the “cut the show” TikTok meme making the rounds to express her feelings about the new policy for using the app.


signed my life away for some nuggets

♬ Cut the show – sheaaa🧸

The on-screen caption, which accompanies Ari miming along to the lines in the “cut the show” clip, expresses regret for agreeing to the new terms. It reads, “When you just accepted McDonald’s new terms and conditions without reading bc you wanted your free fries w $1 purchase coupon.”

The new terms and conditions for the McDonald’s app were updated on Oct. 20 and are on display on the McDonald’s site.

As The Daily Meal explained in an article published Friday, the new terms and conditions with the McDonald’s app are unusual enough to be raising some eyebrows among customers who have noticed.

The terms and conditions, according to the article, include a provision about not suing McDonald’s.

“In the event you have a dispute with McDonald’s,” it noted, “you must agree to resolve it ‘exclusively by final and binding arbitration administered by JAMS,’ which is a business that provides dispute resolution services. You cannot pursue other legal channels, and you cannot join a class action lawsuit with other claimants. Additionally, the updated terms establish restrictions on the company’s liability regarding damages involving the app or restaurant that stem from ‘contract, tort or ordinary negligence.’ However, ‘gross negligence or intentional or unlawful misconduct’ is not limited by the update.”

The news caught the notice of Redditors on the r/mildlyinfuriating subreddit, where one Redditor noted, “If the app kills my family I’m still suing goddammit.”

Ari’s video stirred up some feelings about the new McDonald’s app rules.

“I just accepted because I was trying to see why I couldn’t order a frappe on door dash and it popped up in my way,” one commenter shared.

“I can’t proceed to use the app without agreeing,” groused another.

Someone else expressed, “The way I accepted and didn’t even think about what it was till I saw this video.”

Ari jumped in to respond, “This was me until i saw something,” and then explained to another commenter who was confused, “We signed our rights away to sue them.”

Another wondered, “Sue them for what tho? Just suing them in general?”

The Daily Dot has reported on a few other TikTokers spreading the word via their viral videos. Last week, one customer speculated that the new terms and conditions were some sort of “cover-up” for something more nefarious. Another user went viral after vowing to never sign the terms and conditions and explaining why.

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The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to McDonald’s via email.

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*First Published: Oct 30, 2023, 10:36 am CDT