McDonald’s customer reveals hack to get cash in the drive-thru

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‘My personal ATM always’: McDonald’s customer reveals hack to get cash in the drive-thru

'I dont often need cash these days but when I do, I go drive thru.'


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Posted on Dec 1, 2023   Updated on Dec 1, 2023, 11:52 am CST

If you ever need cash but want to avoid ATM fees, why not get cash and a treat from a McDonald’s drive-thru?

Belle (@the.belle.edit), a TikToker from Melbourne, Australia, demonstrated how easy it is to grab some food and cash at the same time. The video was viewed over 331,000 times as of publication.

In the clip, she ordered two drinks and asked for cash out. Then, she showed the McDonald’s cashier handing her a 20-dollar bill.

Some viewers were shocked they hadn’t known about this before.

“I didn’t even know they did this. This is a great life hack lol,” one wrote.

“I had no idea you could get cash out at Maccas,” a second added.

Many commenters discussed the ins and outs of asking for cash at McDonald’s.

“At Maccas it can get capped and it depends on the till if the till was just changed no cash out or if someone just got a bunch cash out before you,” a viewer explained.

“Only certain restaurants!! Mine didn’t and the amount of customers who would become so fkn rude because of it,” another remarked.

McDonald’s workers also chimed in to speak against the practice.

“Bruh pls dont tell everyone was hella annoying having heaps of ppl do this during a shift,” one pleaded.

“As an ex maccas employee… stop. we hate this, go to an ATM,” a former worker said.

@the.belle.edit I dont often need cash these days but when I do, I go drive thru 💁🏻‍♀️ #lifehacks #mumhack #tiktokhacks #maccasdrivethru #fyp ♬ original sound – Belle

According to a Reddit thread in r/LifeProTips, asking for cash with your order is only available in certain countries like Australia and Canada.

Unfortunately, Americans can’t withdraw money while ordering fast food. However, they can get cash back at grocery stores, gas stations, and big retailers. Simply select debit when checking out to get some cash.

Another way to avoid ATM fees is to use an in-network bank or get a bank account that reimburses ATM fees.

Though Americans can’t get cash at McDonald’s—unless there’s an ATM—there are still hacks to make your McDonald’s experience better. These include how to get fresh fries, snag a Chicken McGriddle, and use multiple coupons.

The Daily Dot reached out to Belle via Instagram direct message and McDonald’s via email for further information.

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*First Published: Dec 1, 2023, 10:30 pm CST