Former McDonald's corporate chef shares how to get 'fresh fries'

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‘This is a great strategy if you want fresh fries’: Former McDonald’s corporate chef shares how to really get ‘fresh fries’

'My Mcdonald's apparently cooks all the French fries the day before.'


Phil West


Posted on Sep 9, 2023

A former McDonald’s corporate chef reveals the pathway to getting fresh fries at the fast-food giant—and it’s a hack that can be used to get freshly made burgers as well.

The tip comes from creator Chef Mike Haracz, who has been taking his insider McDonald’s knowledge to TikTok. In this video, which drew more than 32,300 views in its first day on the platform since going up Thursday, he addresses a question from a TikTok commenter wondering if you can get unsalted fries at McDonald’s, and if this is a good way to get fresh fries.

Chef Mike said, “Yes, this is a great strategy if you want fresh fries. However, the fries are usually regularly cooked, so they’re supposed to not be too old, but you could go in and ask for unseasoned fries. Or you can just ask, ‘Hey, I’m willing to wait; can I have some fresh fries?'”

He also revealed, “A couple other items you can kind of sneakily do this on if you want it fresh, and you don’t want to ask for them to cook it fresh and wait, is unseasoned burger patties, because then they will have to make it fresh, because all of the burger patties are seasoned after they’re cooked.”

In an email interview with the Daily Dot, Haracz said, “Mcdonald’s burgers are seasoned with only salt and pepper—no matter what everyone else thinks!”

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Also, in the video, he shared that “round eggs” are the “only egg that is fresh-cracked in the restaurant,” so if you don’t want a folded or scrambled egg, which are not fresh-cracked, try this option.

He clarified via email, “The round egg is what you get on a standard egg McMuffin. That egg is the only one that is fresh cracked and cooked in the restaurant. The folded egg you get on muffin and bagel breakfast sandwiches is brought in frozen and cooked, and the scrambled egg for the Big Breakfast is made using liquid egg product.”

Commenters had thoughts about fresh fries.

One claimed, “In 50 years, I’ve never had old fries from McDonald’s.”

That led to a whole lot of disbelief from other commenters. Another said simply, “Can I have your luck please?”

Someone else noted, “Cold French fries ruin my day.”

Another, in that spirit, quipped, “My Mcdonald’s apparently cooks all the French fries the day before.”

One commenter took the round egg suggestion to heart, saying, “Round egg is a game changer. Been doing it for years.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to McDonald’s via email.

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*First Published: Sep 9, 2023, 4:39 am CDT