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‘You can fit about three small fries in a medium container’: Former McDonald’s worker says they weren’t ‘allowed’ to fill up the fry containers

'My manager would dump my fries I made and put less in them.'


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Posted on Jan 30, 2024   Updated on Jan 30, 2024, 10:03 am CST

A former McDonald’s worker has sparked discussion after revealing “secrets” from her time working at the popular fast food chain.

In a clip with over 245,000 views, TikTok user Jay (@_jayrizz_) shares various bits of information about the goings-on of the fast-food restaurant.

For example, she says that the orange juice machines are “not cleaned as often as [they] should be.” She also says that, when one orders at the drive-thru, everything they say can be heard, even after they’ve finished their order.

“From the moment you get there to the moment you leave, you’re being heard,” the TikToker explains. “So if you [went] to the drive-thru and ordered a coffee and you were very rude to the employee, [you] probably got decaf coffee.”

However, the point that seemed to inspire the most discussion concerned french fries.

In the past, numerous internet users have complained about the sizing of the fry portions at McDonald’s. One user claimed they paid around $3 for a small fry and received only a handful of fries. In response to claims that all McDonald’s fries were actually the same size, another user showed the differences in how she filled fry containers—though many in the comments claimed that her behavior was atypical.

As it turns out, these commenters may have had a point.

“The employees are taught that you shouldn’t…stuff the large fry container,” Jay claims. “You just simply let the fries fall in and it looks full—but if you actually try to stuff the fries, you can fit about three [medium] fries in a large container.”

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In the comments section, many users claimed they were given the same direction regarding fry containers.

“Yes, they told us all the time to fluff it, not stuff it,” wrote a user.

“My manager would dump my fries I made and put less in them,” offered another.

That said, a few users said that they ignored such directions and insisted on filling the fry containers as much as possible.

“I ALWAYS stuffed the fry containers. i could stand my manager and would look her in her face and do it,” detailed a user.

“I always fit as many fries in the carton as possible,” offered a second.

The Daily Dot reached out to McDonald’s via email and to Jay via TikTok direct message.

Update Jan. 30, 10:02am CT: In a TikTok DM exchange with the Daily Dot, Jay elaborated on the claims she made in her video—first, regarding the fries.

“It varied depending on who the manager was on shift,” she said of fry-filling directions. “But usually they would tell us not to stuff the fries. Just scoop some up and let them fall into the fry carton.”

She also explained her statement about the orange juice dispenser.

“So the orange juice machine was a bag of orange juice concentrate and it would mix with water to make the orange juice. But since the concentrate is so thick it would often leak from the bag or drip leaving a build up of the concentrate all over the machine,” she detailed. “The managers tried to clean it at least once a week but it didn’t always happen.”

Finally, she said that, while she could hear people in line at the drive-thru, she said she heard, “Nothing too crazy.”

“Mostly just couples fighting after they were done ordering, parents yelling at their children, or customers fighting with other customers,” she stated.

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*First Published: Jan 30, 2024, 8:00 am CST