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‘It’s so much better than being homeless’: Viewers divided after man living in storage unit says it’s better than living in an apartment

‘Isn’t that against the law?’


Tangie Mitchell


Posted on Jan 23, 2024   Updated on Jan 23, 2024, 12:53 pm CST

A man and his girlfriend have sparked controversy with a new TikTok revealing that they live in a storage unit to save money.

In the video, content creator Fullest (@fullestest) explains why the couple moved into the unit.

 “I live in a storage unit because it is cheap in comparison to living in an apartment,” he says.

“Living here is actually really comfortable; I get a lot of things that I need and want to get done here.”

Fullest shares that in the storage building, he is able to exercise, use the public bathrooms, play his music loudly, and in the climate-controlled building, he and his girlfriend are kept “nice and warm.” 

Fullest’s storage unit includes a setup similar to a studio apartment: a sofa, dressers and shelves, books, a yoga mat, and more.

“We’re very, very grateful to have this space,” Fullest says. “The next goal is to have an RV, and the next goal after that—tiny home.” 

Continuing the tour, Fullest explains that the couple cooks outside using a portable burner or eats food that does not require cooking, like sandwiches and salads. A power bank is used to charge their electronics.

“Me and my baby will live here as long as we need to until we get the shelter that we want,” he declares. 

“Because we’re living here, now we can save up more money to get what we really want. We’re in it for the long haul,” he says as the video ends.


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In the comments section, viewers ranged from supporting Fullest’s choice to criticizing the man for making his predicament public.

“We lived in ours for 17 months, saved all of our checks and bought our two story home. It’s a doable sacrifice,” one viewer shared.

“You know that’s against the law, right? Be careful,” another viewer warned.

“Power to you brosky. Try to stay low profile though so you don’t get kicked out. I’m sure there’s a law for that too,” a third person wrote.

“Some of us site managers know and we just look the other way if they’re not causing trouble. The world is rough right now. Be kind,” came another response. 

Rough is right: according to a December 2023 report by the United States Department of Housing and Development (HUD), approximately 653,100 people experienced homelessness on a single night in 2023, which is a 12% increase from 2022. Among people experiencing homelessness, 40% were experiencing unsheltered homelessness in “places not meant for human habitation.”

The steady rise of homelessness in the U.S. will likely mean that people experiencing it will continue to find innovative ways to shelter and save money. 

Fullest’s situation demonstrates just how unstable these methods can be, however. According to Life Storage and Apartment Therapy,  it is both unsafe and “highly illegal” to live in any storage unit in the United States, prohibited by both state and federal law. People who take up residence in a storage unit run the ongoing risk of being caught and forced to leave. Just a few days after his first video went viral, Fullest shared an update that he and his girlfriend had been kicked out of the unit. 

“The higher-ups found out about my video; it went so viral,” Fullest said. “We ended up getting kicked out. Now we’re just trying to figure out where to go and what we’re going to do with all of our stuff.”

Fortunately, the couple received a free hotel room for the weekend, from which they promised to “make money moves” and more content for their followers.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Fullest via TikTok direct message for more information.

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*First Published: Jan 23, 2024, 4:00 pm CST