Mailman blasts customers who look confused when they receive packages addressed to them

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‘Take it and shut up’: Mailman blasts customers who look confused when they receive packages addressed to them

'I would not question an unexpected package in this economy.'


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Posted on Apr 7, 2024   Updated on Apr 7, 2024, 9:22 am CDT

A frustrated mailman wants people to just take their packages and “shut up” when he brings them a box.

Ollie Martins (@ollie_j.martins) posted a viral gripe that’s accrued over 87,000 views on TikTok. In it, he blasts bewildered customers who take the time to question him about deliveries they receive but don’t know where they may’ve originated from.

Martins seems flabbergasted by this common reaction from customers, stating that as a postman, he doesn’t know what they expect of him—how is he to know what’s inside of the box?

The TikToker begins his video, which he records in his work uniform from what looks like the interior of his truck, “Listen if I knock at your door, OK, and I hand you a package, and you take it and you look at it, and you say, ‘Oh I but didn’t order anything? Is that your name? Yeah? Then take it and shut up.”

He says he doesn’t care if the customer is confused, adding that it could easily be from someone or a present sent to the customer.

Viewers had a litany of different responses to this type of phenomenon. One person suggested a unique approach to getting package recipients to accept their boxes as hastily as possible.

“Rpo worker here…as soon as they start with that I ask them if they want to refuse it,” they wrote. “Suddenly the parcel is all they want.”

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Another delivery person responded that they, too, are sometimes frustrated when package recipients express confusion around the boxes they receive.

“Fellow Posty here. Or when they say ‘what is this’ LIKE I DUNNO???” they said.

Someone else replied that they simply couldn’t believe a person would go out of their way to “question” receiving an impromptu package because of the current state of the economy, which has been in a nosedive since 2021.

Martins’ post resonated with many other parcel workers, with one sharing, “Fedex worker here: YES. Even worse if you have to collect customs charges.”

“I work as a po clerk and people will bring their dnc in and ask me if i know who it’s from or what it m’am i can’t open the package when i receive them,” another penned.

Judging by the logo on Martins’ clothing in the video, it appears that he delivers parcels for Canada Post and is based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Glassdoor ranks that the service has clocked in 3.6 out of 5 stars regarding employee satisfaction.

One post-office assistant’s review gave the company full marks, writing that they didn’t have “any bad things to say” about the operation. There was another reviewer, however, who said the work is tough and demanding and that there isn’t much of a reward for one’s efforts, either: “Very low pay for how difficult and draining the job is, flyers increase the workload both physically and time-wise…”

But the same reviewer also wrote that one of the biggest pros of the job, for them, is that they’re effectively getting “paid to work out” and that workers, if they want to have a week off can “refuse a contract” and do so. Numerous reviewers on the website also said that one of the biggest issues they had with the company was decisions implemented by “toxic” managers that were unpopular with employees.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Canada Post via email and Martins via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Apr 7, 2024, 12:00 pm CDT