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‘He just chased her into the…store’: Lyft customer says driver left her in the car while she went to the bathroom. Then the police pulled up

'I’m so confused, bro. I wanna go home.'


Grace Fowler


Posted on Feb 9, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 12:35 pm CST

A Lyft rider posted a viral video saying her driver left her in the car while she went to the bathroom. The police reportedly pulled up right after. 

Alyxx Summers (@alyxx_summers) has reached over 1.9 million views and 100,000 likes on her video as of the publication of this piece. 


She begins her video by saying she had just gotten groceries from Walmart when she got into her Lyft driver’s car. 

Summers says the driver told her, “OK, well, I gotta go pee real quick, so you’re gonna have to wait for me.” 

“And then a cop pulls up and literally blocks the car in,” Summers continues. 

Summers records the police car and shows that it has its lights on and is parked directly in front of the Lyft vehicle. 

“And this is not my car,” she adds. “She’s nowhere to be found.” 

Next, she says the police officer did not come up to the car or say anything to her, but she’s not sure what to do.

Summers says the police also chased her driver into the store. “Like, he went in right after her, so I wonder, like, what the f*ck is going on?” she asks.

“She left her phone here,” Summers adds. “I’m so confused, bro. I wanna go home.” 

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In the comments section, viewers shocked by Summers’s story ask her for an update once her driver returns. 

“It’s been an hour, we need an update. Did she come back?” one comment says. 

Summers posted a follow-up video sharing what happened once her driver returned. 

She says when the driver got back, the first thing she asked was, “Did they say anything?”

“No,” Summers responds. 

Next, she reportedly asked, “Did they run my plates?” to which Summers also responded, “No.”  

Summers says the driver responded, “Alright, well, bye,” and drove off with her in the back seat. 

In the video, Summers uses an iPad to draw out how she says the Lyft car was blocked in by police. 

She says the driver was “pretty much against the building” but was able to pull around the police car in order to leave. 

Before ending her video, Summers emphasizes that the police “didn’t check the car, didn’t check the plates,” or really do anything but run into the store.

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One viewer suggested that since the police didn’t check on the car, they probably weren’t after her driver.

“He probably called for a shoplifter and just parked there, I’ve seen it happen,” one comment says.

The Daily Dot reached out to Summers via TikTok direct message.

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*First Published: Feb 9, 2024, 5:00 pm CST