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‘Lowe’s is dangerous’: Man issues warning after getting hit in the head while trying to shop at Lowe’s

‘I’m about to go hang out in the fencing aisle at Lowe’s.’


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Doing DIY can be dangerous. While most people believe that the danger starts when work on the project actually begins, this isn’t always the case.

Given the tendency of a hardware store to house heavy, large items, there’s a chance that one can be injured before their project even starts. 

Over the years, numerous stories from the hardware store chain Lowe’s have sparked discussion on the internet. One user blasted the company for selling moldy wood; another user, who claimed to be a worker at the chain, said he had to load bricks one by one because he was not forklift certified.

Now, attorney and TikTok user John A. DeGasperis (@jdegasperis_esq) claimed he was injured while shopping at Lowe’s, speaking to the potential danger of such stores.

“I’ve always said that one of the reasons why Lowe’s is dangerous is because things fall from above,” he starts.

How he says he got injured at Lowe’s

According to DeGasperis, he says he was shopping at Lowe’s when he bent over to get some fencing material from the bottom shelf. Unbeknownst to him, he says another shopper was trying to get metal fencing off of a shelf above him.

At some point, he says the metal fencing became dislodged, falling off the shelf above DeGasperis and striking him in the head.

While he initially thought he was fine, he says he soon began to feel strange.

“I started to feel woozy for a minute, and then I felt, like, a twinge of neck pain,” the TikToker says. “I wasn’t sure if I was just getting anxious or what, but I couldn’t tell if it was real or if I was just in my own head.”

Feeling this, he says he decided to do what he recommends his clients do: File a report with the store.

“I felt weird doing it, because I always tell people to do it, but I never thought it would be me,” he states. “But I knew that it was the right thing to do, because if I don’t feel well tomorrow or if I get worse, there would be no evidence that that ever happened.”

He describes the staff as “helpful” during this process. In a comment, he adds, “I like Lowe’s. I think it’s a good store.”

@jdegasperis_esq I cant believe it happened to me. I just got hit in the head by a roll of fencing whileahopping at Lowe’s. #lowes #loweshomeimprovement #injurylawyer #newyorklawyer #newyorkattorney ♬ original sound – John A. DeGasperis – Attorney

What happens if you get hurt in a store?

Most store injuries involve a customer slipping and falling. According to Texas law firm D. Miller & Associates, PLLC, if one is injured in a store, they should report it to highest-ranking worker in the store, like the owner or manager. In addition to submitting a report yourself, you can ask the manager to also submit one.

“The report should include what happened and what led to the accident. The owner or manager should fill out the report and hand it to you before you leave the property,” the law firm states.

If you do wind up needing medical attention, it is recommended that you keep all medical documents. After that, you can explore legal options.

Commenters share their thoughts

In the comments section, some users accused the TikToker of overreacting. In response, DeGasperis said he was simply being cautious and that, while he feels all right now, he simply wanted evidence in case his situation became worse in the future.

Other commenters revealed their own hardware store injury stories.

“My mom tripped on something at Lowe’s, and got hurt… and asked to file a report and they said no they don’t take accident reports!!!” exclaimed a commenter.

“I got hit in the back of the ankle by a runaway cart at Lowe’s and I was limping for a month,” offered another.

“Was at Lowe’s and a metal strap around lumber snapped and sliced my hand open,” alleged a third. “I asked for a first aid kit and they said I had to buy one.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Lowe’s via email and to DeGasperis via website contact form.

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