Woman questions quality after her $2,800 Louis Vuitton starts ‘peeling’

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‘I’ve only had this purse 2-3 years’: Woman questions quality after her $2,800 Louis Vuitton starts ‘peeling’

‘It’s not the same material.’


Rachel Cohen


When people make designer bag purchases, they expect a high-quality product that will last for years to come. What they don’t expect is for part of the bag to start peeling only two or three years into owning the luxury merchandise. 

That is what happened to TikTok user @ceo_ofthesoftlife. In a viral clip, the creator explains that she’s had a Louis Vuitton bag for two to three years and has kept it in good condition. But now, the gold around the bag is starting to peel. After spending $2,800, she wonders why this is happening to a bag from a high-end brand.

Taking care of a Louis Vuitton bag 

When one purchases a Louis Vuitton bag, the brand provides directions on how to take care of the bag. Its website warns customers not to scratch or rub the purse against sandpaper-like surfaces. In addition, the brand recommends keeping purses away from any direct source of heat, sunlight, and humid environments. Most importantly, Louis Vuitton bags should be kept away from water because it can impact the material of the purse. 

Specifically with the gold plating, Louis Vuitton recommends avoiding contact with greasy substances, perfumes, or cosmetics because they can transfer their colored pigments onto the purse. This is something that the Louis Vuitton worker told @ceo_ofthesoftlife when she went back to the store in a follow-up TikTok

Noticing peeling on a Louis Vuitton bag

In her original video, @ceo_ofthesoftlife says that she only uses her bag while she’s traveling but even so, the gold hardware is still fading. 

“The zipper has completely changed color,” @ceo_ofthesoftlife says while showing it off in the video. 

She continues to film her Louis Vuitton purse; while the leather bag itself is in good condition, the hardware around the bag is not.

“Why is my bag looking like it’s a $160 bag when this is a $2,800 bag,” she says. “Louis Vuitton, what are doing?”

The TikToker’s bag appears to be Louis Vuitton’s Damier Ebene Speedy 30 Satchel, which is currently being resold on Rebag for $1,310 and LuxeDH for $760. While the designer brand no longer offers the model @ceo_ofthesoftlife bought, Louis Vuitton offers the print in other models that all run under $2,030. These bags also have “gold-color hardware,” though the brand does not specify what material the hardware is made of.

Several commenters related to @ceo_ofthesoftlife. 

“Same thing happened,” one user wrote. “It’s not the same material from back in the day.”

Other users shared some suggestions on what @ceo_ofthesoftlife should do to resolve her peeling bag issue.

“I’ve had that same bag for about 5 yrs, and haven’t had an issue with it. Take it back and demand a replacement,” one wrote. 



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Another commenter said, “You can take it into the store for a new one.” 

The creator replied, saying that she intends to.“That’s the plan, this is the second bad I’ve had to send back. WHY? If I’m paying so much,” she wrote.

Louis Vuitton also has a section of its site dedicated to repairing bags. Customers can either make online or in-person appointments.

Confronting Louis Vuitton workers over peeling hardware

Taking the advice of her online community, @ceo_ofthesoftlife went to the Louis Vuitton store and filmed her experience. In the clip, which she shared on TikTok, the worker tells her that all the metals on the Louis Vuitton bags are the same and if you’re constantly touching it, the peeling is inevitable.

Users in her comments section were just as frustrated as @ceo_ofthesoftlife. 

One user commented, “Loui .. uses vinyl .. NOT REAL LEATHER.” 

Louis Vuitton does use real leather for certain products—however, there is some truth to this commenter’s statement. The luxury brand’s Monogram and Damier Canvas lines utilize “coated canvas,” which is essentially canvas material covered with PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. As such,  @ceo_ofthesoftlife’s bag is not leather.

Making a third part to her Louis Vuitton bag series, @ceo_ofthesoftlife recapped her experience at the store. 

The TikToker says the worker told her, “In about six months your bag can start peeling.” 

This frustrated her, because she didn’t want to get only “six good months on a $6,000 bag.” 

The worker also told her that most people don’t touch the bag as she wants to, which she found a little ridiculous—because if she is spending that much on a bag, she wants to use it. 

The Louis Vuitton worker recommended taking care of the bag by taking the same precautionary steps that the site recommends. 

Still, the TikToker was frustrated. @ceo_ofthesoftlife concluded the video by asking, “Why is their gold plate so tender?” 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Louis Vuitton via email and @ceo_ofthesoftlife via Google Chat.

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