Used car buyer says his vehicle was remotely disabled less than an hour after he purchased it

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‘You prey on hard-working Americans’: Used car buyer says dealership sold him a ‘lemon.’ Then things took a dark turn

‘I don’t want their money, I want them shut down.’


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A man named Khahzjh Rahjeuwgah went on a mission to shut down a car dealership, Mario’s Used Cars, in Pasadena, Texas. What happened next involved guns, harassment allegations, and a dizzying assortment of claims against both the dealership and Rahjeuwgah himself.

According to Rahjeuwgah, the crusade to shut down this business had been ongoing for several months. He had tried everything from protests outside the business to filing complaints with the state, to starting a GoFundMe in an attempt to raise money for his cause.

In a series of TikTok videos, Rahjeuwgah (@khahzjhrahjeuwgah) explained what caused this furor.

Rahjeuwgah vs. Mario’s Used Cars

According to Rahjeuwgah, he had purchased a 2014 Chrysler 300S from Mario’s Used Cars in late March. While the interest rate was high and the car already had 140,000 miles on it, he says that the car test drove “beautifully,” he brought his own OBD scanner to confirm that the car did not have issues, and he was given a two-year extended warranty.

After buying the car, however, he says the issues began right away. Within a half hour of driving the car, Rahjeuwgah says the car simply shut off. Upon getting it towed, he learned that it required a new engine and transmission.

He then brought the car back to Mario’s, where he was told the warranty does not activate until 30 days after purchase.

“I said, ‘Mario, it’s been around four or five hours at this point,’” the TikToker recalls. “He’s still saying he can’t help me. The ladies in the back, they’re laughing at me. They’re saying that, you know, ‘it’s a buy here, pay here place.’ The warranty doesn’t kick in until 30 days. They called me a black monkey in Spanish.”

It was at this point that Rahjeuwgah began plotting his revenge.

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Rahjeuwgah’s story goes viral

Soon after the incident, Rahjeuwgah began posting videos about his experience to his TikTok page. He also started posting in local Facebook groups about Mario’s Used Cars, where some commenters claimed to have similar experiences.

This posting streak was not limited to Facebook. On TikTok, Rahjeuwgah posted about the business as often as possible, showing himself confronting workers, talking about what he wants out of this mission, and offering updates about how the store plans to resolve his issues.

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Things go a step further

Since this saga began, the law has been involved in several ways.

First, Rahjeuwgah says he sent a complaint to the state about the problem, likely related to the state’s lemon laws. These laws protect buyers who purchase cars that do not work as advertised.

Second, Rahjeuwgah alleges that workers at Mario’s Used Cars called the police on him and had him arrested for harassment on the third day of his protest, per his GoFundMe. He later posted a photo to his TikTok confirming this.

However, news of this arrest appeared to offer a different, darker side to Rahjeuwgah’s story. 

While he found supporters on TikTok, according to a local Fox affiliate, Khahzjhahrahlee Zjhahwku Rahjeuwgah had been threatening the dealership. When he was apprehended by police due to this alleged harassment, he was found with “four firearms, a grenade replica, several loaded magazines and tactical vest.”

Rahjeuwgah Goes to Jail

According to the office of the Harris County District Clerk, Khahzjhahrahlee Zjhahwku Rahjeuwgah has since been arrested for unlicensed possession of a firearm by a felon and is currently in jail.

In the case, it was determined that “Khahzjhahrahlee Zjhahwku Rahjeuwgah” was not the man’s original name. When fingerprinted, matches came up for a “Benjamin John Miller,” who had a criminal history in the states of Georgia and South Carolina. 

“It was found that the Defendant had changed his name when moving to Texas and had not been fingerprinted under this new name,” the complaint reads. The complaint states that Rahjeuwgah “confirmed that he was a felon out of the State of Georgia and also confirmed the changing of his name from Benjamin John Miller to Khahzjhahrahlee Rahjeuwgah.”

Additional documentation also noted that “In the year preceding the date of arrest, the Defendant [Rahjeuwgah] has been determined to have a mental illness or to be a person with an intellectual disability by one of the entities listed in Tex. Code Crim. Proc. art. 16.22.”

Rahjeuwgah’s trial is currently ongoing, 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Mario’s Used Cars via its website contact form and email, Harris County Precinct 8 Constable’s Office via email, and Rahjeuwgah’s legal representation via email.

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