Husband leaves grocery store without important ingredient because wife didn’t text him back.

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‘I called you twice’: Husband leaves grocery store without important ingredient because wife didn’t text him back. Was he wrong?

'If this is marriage I don’t want it.'


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Posted on Dec 8, 2023   Updated on Dec 8, 2023, 12:08 pm CST

One husband took to TikTok after failing to pick up an item from the grocery store, and his story prompted a good deal of backlash and criticism.

In a viral video with over 1.2 million views, comedian, author, and self-proclaimed “idiot” Nathaniel Timmel (@ntimmel) explained what happened, and many viewers chimed in with opinions on whether what he did was right or wrong.

“Single guys, here’s what it’s like to be married,” he began in the clip.

He then explained that his wife sent him to the store to buy the ingredients she needed to make pumpkin bars. While shopping, he noticed that “canned pumpkin” was not on the shopping list.

“Is this a mistake?” he wondered. “Do we already have it?”

So, Nathaniel immediately called his wife to ask if she needed the item. However, she was busy and did not answer her phone.

“She sends me straight to voicemail, shoots me a text: ‘Can’t talk,'” he continued.

Desperate for an answer, he responded to the text explaining his dilemma and continued shopping. After 10 minutes passed and he did not receive a response, the comedian explained that after he called his wife’s phone and she did not answer, yet again, he decided not to pick up the pumpkin and left the store.

Apparently, that’s where he messed up.

“Halfway home, I get a text: ‘We need canned pumpkin!'” he said.

His wife had finally reached out to clarify that the ingredient was, in fact, needed. But by then, Nathan had already left the store and refused to return.

“No, I called you twice,” he reasoned when she asked him to go back to the store. “That was with purpose. You think I’m calling to chit-chat?”

@ntimmel Daily Snark 11/29/23 Marriage “Nathan,” eagle-eyed subscribers ask, “didn’t I see this video on your page for about five minutes yesterday?” 
Indeed you did!
That’s what I get for trying to schedule things out in advance. Anyway, marriage. The blessed union of two souls who fall truly, deeply, madly in love, and then ten years later (if they’re lucky), can’t stand the sound of one another chewing. We think, “Why am I stuck with this person, when there are endless possibilities out there waiting for me?!” Then we remember, “Oh, right. No one else is even remotely interested in me.” Ha!
I kid, because I love my wife. But seriously, she calls people just to chit-chat. Does it all the time, in fact. When I call, it’s with purpose. I have a reason I’ve picked up my phone and tapped away at those digits. I need information. Hence the kerfuffle right before Thanksgiving. Admittedly, in reality, this was a big nothing. But, I need daily content, and if I can exaggerate things a little to make them (hopefully) slightly amusing, so be it. I told this story on stage this past weekend. Got big laughs on Friday, and middling laughs on Saturday. It’s a little better live, because I’m not constrained (confined) to one minute, so hopefully I’ll have a decent recording of it someday. #marriagehumor #marriage #husbandwife #women #humor #story #relationships ♬ original sound – nathan timmel

In the comments section, many viewers sided with his wife.

“If she didn’t answer why didn’t you just get the can?!?!” user Sebo wrote.

“Or buy it anyway bc it just a can,” user Jazza added.

“Given the shelf life and cost of a can of pumpkin, should have just gotten it,” another viewer added. “Probably cost more to go back and get it.”

The clip also prompted other TikTokers to create stitch response videos and share their views.

User Shawnda (@lifecoachshawn) said his behavior is the kind she often warns women about.

“A few days ago, I got on this app and said this: Stay away from men who are always trying to teach you a lesson,” she said. “This man right here is the perfect example of exactly what I was talking about.”

“I get it now, you are a d*ck?” user Professor Neil (@professorneil) stated plainly in his response to the husband’s clip.

Another TikToker accused the man of not liking his wife and making the video in an attempt to seek validation for his poor behavior.

“I’m so confused why this type of behavior is normalized,” user Kendyl The Lesbian B*tch said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Nathaniel for comment via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Dec 8, 2023, 5:30 pm CST