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‘Corporate math’: Jobseeker says company didn’t tell them about 12.5-hour shifts until last interview

'Nothing would've prepared me for that final round interview.'


Tiffanie Drayton


Posted on Oct 11, 2023

One worker was in the last round of interviews for a job that boasted a 4-day work week, but then discovered that their potential employers would expect them to work 12.5-hour shifts every day.

In a viral video that has racked up 457,000 views and over 28,000 likes, user Squiggo (@squiggotini), who has been featured on the Daily Dot previously, gave details on their expected schedule.

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“2023 Job Market: 4 Day Work Week,” text overlaid on the clip read.

“If you’re wondering what the job market looks like right now, let me tell you,” the TikToker began the video.

They then got right into telling viewers about a recent job interview experience they had, where an employer waited for them to successfully complete multiple rounds of interviews before telling them about their ridiculous work week policy.

“The thing was, it sounded really good,” they continued to explain about the job. “People seemed happy at the company.”

The company also offered an elusive work schedule: It boasted a 4-day work week.

“I was like ‘Oh, that’s kind of progressive,'” they said about the schedule.

Until they discovered that the truth was hidden in the details.

“Nothing would’ve prepared me for that final round interview,” they said.

Apparently, during their last interview, they discovered the company expected its workers to work 12.5 hour shifts. Which meant they would end up working 50 hours per week, which far exceeds the typical 40-hr work week.

Frustrated, the worker had one piece of advice for the company: “Don’t even list that benefit then!”

The creator also notes that interview process had included a month of talking to the company, completing a technical exam, and doing a presentation.

In the comments section, other TikTok users agreed the employer’s request was unreasonable.

“Corporate math,” one user joked.

“These hiring teams are seriously delulu,” another user wrote.

“Honestly, I’m absolutely done at 10h. Good luck having the energy for 12h shifts,” wrote a third.

Some also shared their their own terrible experiences at interviews, including one user who wrote, “I had 3 interviews only to be ghosted. Wasted 4 hours of my life.”

The Daily Dot contacted Squiggo for more information via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Oct 11, 2023, 7:04 pm CDT