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‘Why are you trying to hire me back at less money than you paid me?’: Laid-off Google employee says a recruiter approached her about the same job she held for 3 years

'Lol their reply was also shameless.'


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Posted on May 5, 2023

In a now-viral video, a laid-off Google employee says recruiters keep contacting her about the job she held for three years.

The video comes from a TikToker named Cedoni (@cedonifrancis) and has garnered over 195,000 views since it was posted on April 26. In it, Cedoni said she was laid off from Google around three months prior, and her “official separation date is in a few days.”

“Something really interesting that’s been happening is that recruiters at Google or recruiters who are looking to fill positions at Google will reach out to me with the job description,” she said.

Cedoni then displayed a screenshot of a LinkedIn exchange with a recruiter who approached her about the job she was still performing.

“The scream I scrumpt when I saw this this morning,” she said. “To call the job I did for three years a new opportunity is comedic, especially when on my LinkedIn, it says that I was laid off.”

She concluded by questioning the logic of the offer. “I don’t know. I just, I just think that’s wild. Like, why you trying to hire me back at less money than you paid me? Like, no, I want the severance.”


no bc what was the thought process 😂

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In the comments section, viewers seemed as surprised as Cedoni.

One commenter couldn’t fathom the move from Google that Cedoni seemed to describe: “So they laid people off JUST to hire them back ?!”

Another agreed with Cedoni’s assessment: “Oh that is interesting! Looks like they’re trying to pay a lower wage for the same role Smfh. They ain’t slick.”

Someone else quipped that there is no way Google could’ve thought this was a good idea, making an analogy to romantic relationships: “Imagine [your] ex coming back asking you if you would like a ‘new opportunity.'”

However, according to another commenter, this is becoming a trademark of tech companies after the massive string of layoffs in 2023 that saw many tech workers lose their jobs. In 2023 alone, Google laid off a whopping 12,000 people.

“All of the tech companies that laid people off are doing this. The amount of LinkedIn messages I get just like this is crazy,” the viewer wrote.

The Daily Dot contacted Cedoni and Google via email for further comment.

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*First Published: May 5, 2023, 10:27 am CDT