Woman kicked out of Taco Bell for cleaning, decorating the bathroom


‘I could never care about my job enough to not let someone do something like this’: Woman kicked out of Taco Bell for cleaning, decorating the bathroom

'I thought they would like my new surprise.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Dec 4, 2023

A woman got kicked out of Taco Bell for trying to clean and decorate their bathroom for free. Viewers are confused as to why the employees didn’t save themselves the extra work and just let her do it.

In a previous video, Madison (@ugh_madison) had gained the goodwill of the employees at her local Taco Bell after she showed up with a Taco Bell-themed cake and a bouquet of flowers. Appreciative of the gesture, they gave her several coupons for free tacos.

But this time around, things didn’t go as well.

Madison wanted to surprise the workers yet again by cleaning the location’s bathroom and decorating it to look more festive and slightly fancy.

“I thought they would like my new surprise,” Madison says.

In the video, Madison shows the inside of the bathroom. There’s visible buildup on the sink, some toilet paper on the floor, and duct tape over the lock. But all in all, it’s not the worst fast-food restaurant bathroom.

Madison was putting up her decorations—which included a framed “have a nice poop” sign and framed pictures of a taco and the Taco Bell dog, along with a Christmas tree and a bowl of mints—when an employee walked in on her.

“She started laughing so I thought everything was fine,” Madison says in the clip.

But it wasn’t.

Just as Madison was about to start cleaning the toilet, the “entire Taco Bell staff” showed up at the door. “You have to get out of there,” they told her. “You can’t be doing all that. You gotta get out of here.”

Madison told them she’d move it all after they said they didn’t want any of her decor.

“I thought they would like their surprise, but they didn’t. I’m sorry,” Madison says.

Madison added that she was only there for five minutes before she got kicked out. But one person who walked her out did ask her if she was OK.

“I didn’t even get the chance to clean,” she says. “I’m sorry, Taco Bell. You’re still my favorite restaurant. I still love you.”

@ugh_madison Taco Bell kicked me out for trying to clean the bathroom 😞 @The Clean Girl videos inspired me to do this! I love her account ❤️ #cleantok #tacobell ♬ original sound – ugh madison

The video has over a quarter million views and hundreds of comments as of Monday morning.

People had a mix of reactions to Madison’s out-of-the-ordinary activity. Fast-food bathrooms are notoriously not the cleanest, so people were unsure why Madison would go out of her way to clean one when she by no means had to. Others questioned why the employees wouldn’t let her clean it.

“Willingly cleaning the toilet at Taco Bell is crazy,” a person said.

“‘There are customer cleaning the toilet at Taco Bell’ all units please respond,” another joked.

“These Taco Bell worker take their jobs so serious,” a viewer wrote.

Others encouraged Madison not to give up.

“Try another Taco Bell with a lock on the door,” a top comment read.

The Daily Dot reached out to Madison for comment via Instagram direct message and to Taco Bell via email.

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*First Published: Dec 4, 2023, 8:16 am CST