KFC customer claims workers poured Mountain Dew on her laptop in drive thru. They throw a cup of water on her after she goes inside

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‘These workers not playing with yall no more!!’: KFC customer claims workers poured Mountain Dew on her lap in drive-thru. They throw a cup of water on her after she goes inside

'Well that escalated quickly.'


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Posted on Jul 10, 2023

A customer has gone viral after confronting a KFC worker who she claims threw Mountain Dew onto her lap while she was at the drive-thru.

TikToker Terra Hoyt343 (@landhoyt7) films a short clip of herself confronting the KFC drive-thru workers. Viewed over 799,000 times as of Monday, the video has sparked a heated discussion on what could have caused such a scene.


Thos is what happened after they pored a mountain dew in my lap in the drive thru.

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The video begins with Terra walking into the KFC location to film the employees working the drive-thru. The description of the video reads, “[This] is what happened after [they] poured a Mountain Dew in my lap in the drive-thru.”

“Go ahead, I’ve got you all right here,” Terra says drawing the attention of the workers. “Don’t come to KFC and get a f*cking attitude.”

One employee walks over to the counter with a furious expression on her face before heading back to her station. Another one shouts, “You’re a f*cking Karen, you’re a f*cking Karen, bitch.”

The first KFC worker doesn’t speak. Instead, she fills a cup with water, walks to the counter where Terra is standing, and throws the water onto the customer.

Many viewers in the comments sided with the employees.

“These workers not playing with yall no more!!” one person wrote, to which the creator responded, asking, “So that gives them the right to ACT like that.”

Users also pointed out that they didn’t have the full story and wanted to know what had started the fight.

“This tells me nothing. I need to know what caused her to pour the mtn dew in your lap?” one questioned.

“Ok but I wanna see the interaction before this cause for a whole place to not like you,” another echoed, reminding Terra that she failed to share the details of the interaction that led to the employee throwing the Mountain Dew at her.

“She CLAIMS she didn’t do anything,” one user added.

“I highly doubt she’s innocent she looks like a problem starter,” replied someone else.

Others sided with the KFC customer, arguing that no matter what Terra did, a worker should never treat a customer in this manner.

“Bro call corporate fr no matter what they should never treat anyone like that,” one user suggested.

“I hope you called the police and corporate,” another agreed.

“Yikes man. Those employees are outta line,” someone else added.

But many users were just amused by the bizarre confrontation.

“Well that escalated quickly,” one wrote.

“Love how she calmly pours the water in the cup then BAM throws it,” another commented.

“I’d be mad too if I worked at KFC and looked like that!” a third joked.

The Daily Dot reached out to Terra via TikTok comments and KFC via email.

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*First Published: Jul 10, 2023, 4:30 pm CDT